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The All-Career Injury in recent times Team

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  • The All-Career Injury in recent times Team

    This is a team who guys were looked like Great Players, but got fatally unlucky and had career ending injuries.

    If you have someone to add, post below.

    1) Bert Jones

    1) Terrell Davis
    2) Bo Jackson

    1) Mike Alstott

    1) Sterling Sharpe
    2) Daryl Stingley
    3) Javon Walker

    TE ) Kevin Everett

    LG) Benji Olson
    C )

    LE) Dennis Byrd
    DT) Jerome Brown

    LOLB) Derrick Thomas
    MLB) Chris Spielman
    MLB) John Offerdahl or Al Wilson
    ROLB) David Pollack

    SS) Charlie Waters

    I want to see if there is enough guys
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    David Pollack.

    Wait, i don't know if he was destined for greatness, but he sure got shafted by neck injuries.


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      All injuries or neck injuries only?


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        :/ this is the most moronic thread. I really hate the offseason here. Seriously I will make a team who had turf toe inuries end their careers. Actually I want them team who retired because of old age and no team wanting them anymore with some guys who retired on their own terms.
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          Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
          David Pollack.

          Wait, i don't know if he was destined for greatness, but he sure got shafted by neck injuries.
          He was really starting to come into his own but its hard to say whether or not he was gonna be great.

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            Dan Cody maybe?


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              Kevin Everett wasn't ever that great, but I guess he fits. His story is a pretty good one.


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                Steve Young
                Bo Jackson
                Daryl Stingley
                Johnny Holland
                Tim Lewis
                Mark D'Onofrio
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                  Andy Katzenmoyer
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                    Willis McGahee

                    ohh neck injuries, idk


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                      just neck injuries? that's stupid.

                      if normal injuries, than easily Lavar Arrington
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                        Originally posted by BmoreBlackByrdz View Post
                        Dan Cody maybe?
                        Whatever happened to him. I remember him from his days as a Sooner.

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                          Using just neck injuries is very tough but I decided to use bad taste and make a team of players that were either great or had promise and had their careers ended because of neck injuries.

                          QB - Rich Gannon / Bert Jones
                          RB - Priest Holmes
                          FB - Mike Alstott / Mack Strong
                          WR - Sterling Sharpe
                          WR - Darryl Stingley (RIP)
                          OT - Chris McIntosh
                          OG - Mike Utley
                          C - Chris Dalman
                          OG - Benji Olsen
                          OT - Kirk Scrafford

                          DE - Dennis Byrd
                          NT - Dave Pear
                          DE - Junior Bryant
                          OLB - Derrick Thomas (RIP)
                          ILB - Chris Spielman
                          ILB - Al Wilson
                          OLB - David Pollack
                          CB - Ahmed Plummer / Jerry Azumah
                          CB - Derrick Burroughs
                          S - Jeff Fuller
                          S - Charlie Waters


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                            Originally posted by Hurricanes25 View Post
                            Whatever happened to him. I remember him from his days as a Sooner.
                            he had a season ending injury every damn year. it sucks because he was talented but never could last till game time

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                              If counting any injury, then Terrell Davis



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