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Salary cap expands to $127 million for 2009

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    Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
    I have a feeling we might sign one 'big' name player and other than that we will be pretty insignificant. With a billion in cap space you'd hope that doesn't happen but I guess time will tell.
    With the Salary cap going away I don't know if this is true at all, but I assume most teams try to shy away from ever getting close to the cap, because then if a surprise free agent comes up they have a chance at grabbing them.

    I realize that free agents should never really be a "surprise", but if you look at the recent talk about Ray Lewis going to Dallas, then you can see what I mean. If Jerry Jones wants a star on his helmet, he might have to pull a few tricks with his current players contract.

    Anyways, my point being; I doubt the bucs want to just go out there and throw their cash around for big name players. For one, free agency can be kinda risky. We've seen plenty of players hit the market, get that big check, then turn out to be something completely different than what their team thought they would be. And two, the more you sign now, the less you have for the future. And it doesn't seem like there are enough big names out there that you'd want to break the bank this year on free agency.


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      Great news for the Colts, we are under the cap now!


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        Yeah, not only that, but the Colts just so happened to be able to resign Saturday now.

        Hrm, a more skeptical person may see this oddly late hike in cap somewhat suspicious ;)



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