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Broncos Have Already Signed NINE players

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    Originally posted by NJX9isahomoo View Post
    Only Dawkins is any good out of that list.
    wow, youre not gonna last very long on this board.

    im referring to your sn btw.
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      Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
      Yah, always look on the bright side of life, I guess. It looks more like he went for the money/years as an aging NFL veteran but I suppose he could be projecting a Denver dynasty too.
      He's really not getting paid that much so I somehow doubt it's the money, and most of those years are options aren't they? I just can't believe that Brian Dawkins couldn't get more cash on a more gauranteed deal, hell between spags' rams, Reese opening up the wallet in fa and all of the other teams who could use an attacking SS that couldn't have been his best contract offer, so I think that he wanted to go to denver for some reason. Maybe he just really wants to learn how to ski. *shrug*


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        Am I the only one that loves Buckhalter here??
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          I like Buckhalter, but adding a fragile back to a cursed backfield is hard to get excited about. Hopefully the injury bug stays far away.

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          Originally posted by BaLLiN72
          i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
          Originally posted by Job
          NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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            Originally posted by rockio42 View Post
            Am I the only one that loves Buckhalter here??
            I like any RB in the Denver system of I'm not sure

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