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Detroit Lion, 2 Oakland Raiders gone missing off Gulf Coast

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    Wow they reported that Nick said at one point a helicopter was above them with its light shining down and didnt see them. This was when all 4 were still together. Terrible news I couldn't even imagine what they went through being in the middle of an Ocean for so long. Its tragic that all 4 didnt make it being so close to rescued once and later being found. R.I.P.

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      Pretty much fits into the golden rule of these things...well in the movie world atleast. The only guy that decided to stay put, is the one that survived. It's so sad, though. I couldnt even imagine, really.

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        Originally posted by art vandelay View Post

        Wow, weird development. Apparently Nick has told reporters that Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith and Will Bleakley tried to swim to safety. Smith and Cooper took off their life jackets.
        Wow, they were really taking a risk taking off their jackets. Wearing a jacket does make it more difficult to swim.



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