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    Not sure if this was posted yet.......

    NFL | Stallworth reportedly in substance-abuse program
    Mon, 5 Mar 2007 08:14:52 -0800 reports free agent WR Donte' Stallworth (Eagles), according to a report in The Philadelphia Daily News, is a participant in the league's substance-abuse program and could be subjected to a suspension should he violate terms of the program again. Stallworth has yet to visit any teams this offseason as a free agent.

    Looks liek this will cause him to miss the big payday everyone else got.


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      Wow, if the substance abuse thing is true, that is really surprising. I would not have expected that from someone like him. He seems like a nice guy, but everybody has a secret side to themselves. I would be more concerned with fixing this than getting him to sign with us. There are more important things than football, and getting this straightened out should be on the top of the list. Football can wait as far as I am concerned. He needs to figure this out and get his life back in order. I really hope this isn't true though, because like I said before, he seems like a nice guy, he's a good teammate, and a good player. Best of luck Donte.
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