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    Why are people asking if he can play FS? Sure, i guess he could, but i don't think that is an ideal situation for him. He's a CB. He had a good, but highlight driven 2nd season, and an absolutely terrible 3rd year where i would guess the spotlight got to his head.

    With that said, i would be willing to take a risk on him. He has great ability, has the size/speed, and can make plays. Sure he's not physical, but as long as he's adequate in that regard, and picks up his mental game again, he can be a very good corner. I'm not jumping off him yet. I was never on like some people who hailed him as the best CB and all that, but now it is the total other way, and people jump as far away as possible. He's still got all the same ability that made him a real solid corner who made game changing plays 2 seasons ago. With his head on straight, he is a good corner. Classic example of someone realizing that INTs = big payday & media darling. As soon as a CB starts trying for INTs, they don't come. He needs to get back to basics, and let his physical gifts bring the INTs to him. Don't jump too far off the horse.....I expect a year in between the previous 2 next season.

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    Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
    You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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      I think if he had the same pass rush as he did 2yrs ago he wouldn't be on that block. Put him on a team with good pass rush and he is beast.
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      Just let it go RWO.
      We as Ravens fans are clearly scum of the earth, and should just be happy that these great people, who cheer for nothing than the finest, morally impeccable players, playing on the finest, most morally impeccable teams, will grace us with their presence, and words of wisdom.

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        Originally posted by RAVENS/WIZARDS/ORIOLES View Post
        I think if he had the same pass rush as he did 2yrs ago he wouldn't be on that block. Put him on a team with good pass rush and he is beast.
        or you could put him on dallas with all the other showboats :p jaykay

        if the chargers improve their defensive line this will answer your question whether they want to keep Antonio Cromartie.

        Alot of teams have those gamble cbs. They can be stars or they can be dunces. If he falls into a situation where he can do that, good for him, but this is the NFL, most teams don't like that.

        Eagles brought in Samuel, not because he's amazing at covering, he can't cover tall guys; well Cromartie is just dumb sometimes. He still knows how to get a pick.

        DeAngelo Hall, total jack***, he is so dumb its not funny. All the athletisism in the world cant make you a great cornerback, its what lies between the ears that completes the greats.

        From my perspecitive i see only one guy that can be a shutdown corner and still get the picks, and that is Darrelle Revis, damn you JETS!!!!


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          Ill take Cro in AZ

          THE CRO CRO SHOW

          He would be able to cover #2 WR adequately and with him, DRC, Rolle, and Wilson, everybody is a threat to take any pick to the House

          our late 2nd would be the max i'd give up though
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            Cro is not going any where.


            Smith: Cro staying
            By Kevin Acee

            Posted: 12:18 p.m. Tuesday March 3, 2009

            Even if Drayton Florence returns to the Chargers, Antonio Cromartie won't be leaving.

            So says Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith.

            League sources had said the Chargers were quietly floating the idea of putting Cromartie on the block if they signed Florence.

            "He's not being traded," Smith said today.

            Asked Monday about the idea of trading Cromartie, Smith declined to confirm or deny the possibility.


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              Hmm, that brief clip does pretty much nothing to assure that he isn't going anywhere.

              "He's not being traded" - haven't heard something like that before....those guys never lie!!

              'Smith declined to confirm or deny the possibility' - That doesn't seem like something that would leave the door open at all!

              The team looking at Florence - another corner? Jammer will play. Cason looked good. Cromartie had a poor season. I know, lets try to bring in a not very cheap 4th corner!

              Sorry, but all signs point to, yes, it is still a possibility. This does nothing to make people think otherwise....
              I didn't click the link, but just by what highlighted, it doesn't make sense. I don't see him being traded, but i will say that it is definitely somethign that has been talked about within the organization and the possibility is being explored.

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              Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
              You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                Damn. If he really is on the block, the Patriots should be all over it and then some.

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                  well now that florence signed with the Bills, I imagine that this trade won't happen.

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                  i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
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                  NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                    Originally posted by TitleTown088 View Post
                    Can he play NT? I'd like him on the Packers for a 1st...
                    bwahahaha!! good one.

                    Originally posted by bolts2388 View Post
                    yeah, no player is ever being traded - until they get traded.

                    Way too much talent to give up on, imo. I'd love to see him play for a team that shows discipline from top to bottom. He'd look good in silver/blue/red (or red & white throwbacks) :)

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                      Drayton Florence ***** up everyone's world. Cannot trust that guy.

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                        Another very interesting move by the Bills. Curious to see if they land Coles. I'll officially not like Laverneus Coles for possibly the rest of my life. fact.

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