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Bucs sign Derrick Ward

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    I wonder if the Bucs can work out a deal for Tyler Thigpen. Its worth a shot.


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      Originally posted by etk View Post
      Yeah, I hear what you're saying. Atlanta had quite a few close wins this past year. OT against us. That INSANE game against the Bears where Chicago tried that stupid pooch kick giving them several seconds to complete a pass and try a kick, which Elam made of course.

      In Phil Steele's college football preview, one of his factors in predicting wins/losses is the team's close wins/losses from the past year. If you win a lot of close games, you typically have a worse record the next year, and it works the same with close losses. You can't get lucky all the time.
      The first Bucs game (first road game for rookie Matt Ryan): despite 2 first half interceptions and no success in the endzone, we were down by 1 possession in the middle of the 4th quarter until the big 68 yard run.

      The game in Philly: we were down 7-20 and then after 1 interception and 4 punts, the falcons marched for an 84 yard TD drive and got the game within 6 at 14-20. they got the ball back after stopping the eagles offense with 2 minutes to go. then there was the wrong muffed punt call.

      The game against Denver, Roddy White dropped a 48 yard TD pass at the end of the game that could have won it for us.

      The 2nd game against the Saints, we lost by 5 points and it was a close game until the 4th (it was a great game).

      We may have had close games going our way, but we were in all our games and were within 1 possession in the 4th quarter in each and every game.

      "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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        Originally posted by D-Rod View Post
        The reason that the Bucs are the least favoured team in the NFCS is simple: QB. That is where it starts and ends. McCown has proven nothing, and the Bucs won't go anywhere unless he outperforms previous indications.

        Might happen, might not. They're not out of the running for the playoffs, but until McCown shows something, Ward and Graham will be seeing 8 in the box all day long.
        We've won games with worse. Do you really think Brad Johnson, Brian Griese and Jeff Garcia are that much better than McCown? QB has always been a weak spot for us but we still have moderate success.

        Here's what I know:

        -McCown has been fairly impressive in limited PT. He's been in the system for 3 years now I think. He should be hitting his prime now.

        -He has all the physical tools to start. Good arm strength, very athletic, pretty accurate. Good in all areas, but only his athleticism is great.

        -We have 3 coaches to help him succeed (position and scheme-wise): Jeff Jagodzinksi, Steve Logan, Greg Olson. All 3 are extremely experienced. Jags & Logan took Matt Ryan from an inconsistent Jr. coming off an injury to one of the top QBs in CF and a top-5 pick. Then the next year they had a 1st-year starter in Chris Crane who played solid prior to an injury late in the year.

        -We have a solid young OL, 3 good backs, great TEs, and 1 great WR (ATM). We also have a Pro Bowl KR/PR and a defense that's consistently among the league's best.

        McCown has every reason to succeed IMO. I'm not saying he's a top-10 QB candidate, but he should have similar success and numbers to those that came before him, only he's younger and has more potential.

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