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Do you like the approach your team took in Free Agency?

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    No, I am not happy at all.
    We've had 12 or 13 visits so far, and 3 signings. Yes, 3.
    And those three players were backups last season.

    We have not improved at all. As usual, next season doesn't look promising for the Bills.
    They need to stop dicking around with this no-gm ****. It doesn't work. We need to get rid of Jauron and his coordinators. This organization is messed up from top to bottom.

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    my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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      Originally posted by Diehard View Post
      "Fair shake"? The FB has a role in McDaniels' offense, just not a big one. Hillis won't start but I expect he'll still contribute as FB and perhaps also H-Back/TE.

      We were in need of a defensive overhaul and we got it. No one particularly outstanding, but enough experienced players to tide us over while we draft and develop their replacements. On offense, we added some role players and guys familiar with the new system.

      Despite the panic around some of the fan favorites, it seems like the new additions will bring a fair amount of stability that was sorely lacking last year. I like what've they've tried to do so far... it will be interesting to see how things play out in the draft.
      The defensive overhaul was good, no doubt. It is a more stable group of guys. No one stellar, but no real slackers. Gives them more flexibility in the draft. Hopefully they can grab some guys that can become amazing, but there isn't as much pressure on them having to turn the team around themselves.

      I just hope that McDaniels makes some room for Hillis in the passing game. Because if he is looking for a pure blocking FB, he won't really get that out of Hillis. I was pretty excited when we drafted Hillis last year, so i don't want to see him sit on the bench all year :(

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      i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
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      NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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        Step 1: Let your best DE walk
        Step 2: Sign an old LB who will differ little from the old one you just let walk
        Step 3: Release a burnt out QB you never should have signed in the first place
        Step 4: Trade a talented corner for another burnt out QB
        Step 5: Release one of the only players on your team who actually has heart
        Step 6: Release a horrible safety who should have been let go years ago

        How could this go wrong?



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          Chicago Bears took the ***** approach. Im not saying they should be out there signing every free agent possible, or even go after the huge superstars, but getting solid players to fill some holes would have been nice.

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          who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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            As a Raider fan YES.better then last years spending spree.
            Derrick Morgan > All


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              The Vikings haven't done anything. They have let their fan favorite center go. They signed an old full-back, which was good, but wasn't really up to par. They missed out on a WR that would have helped us. And we wasted a 4th round draft pick on a younger version of what we had all season. Thank you Brad ******* Childress.

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                Ha....the Bears and FA is a joke.

                Like's good we don't act like the Redskins and just throw money at anything that moves every year, but it gets annoying with how slow we are. Our only signing to date is Frank Omiyale who we paid something like 4 years, 15 mil to....for a 6'4 310 OT with 1 career start...yeesh. Word is we want him as a RT in case we can't resign St. Clair and if we do resign St. Clair, we'll probably have him compete for the RG spot.

                Thats our one big move.

                I'm glad we didn't overpay for someone like Housh or Dev Henderson, or someone old like Dawkins, but it would be kind of nice to get a move on by signing some mid level guys.

                Leonard Weaver would be a great mid-level FA pickup. So would getting a veteran backup QB like Batch or someone...I know the staff likes Caleb Hanie but I'd rather not go into next year with the main backup to KO being a 2nd year UDFA.

                The only other move I've even heard us associated with is possibly bringing back Kevin Jones. fml.


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                  Love our approach.
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                    Actually, yes... The Browns didn't go around signing everyone. I like that Mangini is going to try to build through the draft. I am upset that K2 is gone but I understand the move. Hopefully we can get a couple more draft picks and get rid of all the problems.


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                      The Steelers took the same approach they always take, which has obviously been successful in the past. The thing that kind of puzzles me about our offseason stragety, is that we refuse to overpay for any of our own guys... With the exception of our own crappy OLineman. Sure Starks was pretty good, but not $8million or so good. Kemo shouldn't be a starter, yet we're paying him starters cash. I think we should have tried to bring somebody in. I liked that we showed serious interest in Saturday, who would have played guard for us, but I would have liked for us to pursue some more OL talent in the FA period. Letting Nate go was a classic Steelers move, and it was the right one. Very similar to Randle El a few years ago, he got paid well above his value to us, so we let him walk. McFadden remains to be seen, hopefully his asking price goes down and we can resign him. I really hope we can get Starks done long term at a cheaper price than the franchise rate.


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                        Hmm...The Redskins overpaid three players. I can't really complain because it always happens.

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                          Raiders - This season is 10x better than last year. We kept our two best proven talents in Nnamdi and Lechler, as well as resigned a CB who is perfect for our scheme (Chris Johnson). We cut Harris and made Javon restructure his contract. By doing almost nothing in FA but rewarding current players we have done well.

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                            Dude it's been so awesome. The only way I'd say we could improve this 8-8 squad would be to cut LT. That'd be fun because he could join Rodney Harrison, Drew Brees, Michael Turner and Wes Welker in the "recent players the Bolts were just too good to get any compensation at all for" club.


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                              Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
                              Dude it's been so awesome. The only way I'd say we could improve this 8-8 squad would be to cut LT. That'd be fun because he could join Rodney Harrison, Drew Brees, Michael Turner and Wes Welker in the "recent players the Bolts were just too good to get any compensation at all for" club.
                              Lolz...and you can add to that list Olshansky now.


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                                Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
                                Lolz...and you can add to that list Olshansky now.
                                Ehhh it was time for Igor to go, he has a role to play on a D but ultimately not too unhappy about his departure.



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