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Are you satisfied with your FO and coaching staff?

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  • Are you satisfied with your FO and coaching staff?

    FO- Im a little unsure. Our GM McCloughan has only been GM for 1 full offseason (this is his 2nd). He was VP of Player Personnel for 06, 06, and 07 offseasons. Its unsure how much sway he had with the picks but i know he was (is) a big advocate of Alex Smith. But hes a son of a football scout, and hes worked under Ron Wolf too. Im not super high on him but i dont think hes terrible either.

    Coaching Staff- I love it. Singletary has won me over with his performance. Manusky is a solid D coordinator and our OC Raye has over 30 years of experience so i think it will be a nice coaching staff. A lot better than Nolan or Martz!

    Anyways, whats your take on the upper hierarchy of your team?

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    FO: Yes, I never was a fan of Ernie Accorsi, and I am very happy we have Reese as our GM

    Coach: I always been a Coughlin fan even when all the media and alot of our fanbase wanted him fired. So it's good to have him around, and now in the good graces of the city and fan base. He is pretty much untouchable now in this city.


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      Redskins fan..hmm not really. Not much I can do but sit back and pray for draft picks and a few smart decisions.

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        I have nothing to say about Broncos FO or new head coaching staff. It's not good so far.

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          Interesting thread. I'll give the Bucs an incomplete for now. Too early to judge.

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            I really like our FO. I trust Ted Thompson's decisions and his stance on the importance of the draft.
            Same with coaching. I'll wait and see on Capers and his new defense, but our past DC's have been pretty bad so no complaints yet. And I like the way McCarthy works for the most part.

            So, I'm pretty happy right now though this season coming up is a big one.


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              It's hard to say for the Chiefs. I'm happy that we landed Scott Pioli, but so far his track record is pretty non existant outside of the Cassel/Vrabel trade. I was not a fan of the Todd Haley signing but time will tell on that one.

              It's a little too early to make judgements. It looks decent on paper though.

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              His soft D really turns me off
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                Even though I've had my disagreements with Reinfeldt *Coughchrishenrycough* I still think he's a pretty good GM. I like our coaching staff as well. But it remains to be seen if promoting Chuck Cecil to DC was a good decision or not.
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                  Baltimore Ravens

                  Front Office: Hell ya I'm satisfied with "The Wizard of Oz" Ozzie Newsome.

                  Coaching Staff: I like John Harbaugh about 1,000,000x better than Billick. Cameron as our OC is pretty goodas well, and I have faith that Mattsion will come in and do a good job (which Baltimore DC hasn't?)

                  Overall I am 100% satisfied with our FO and Coaching Staff.


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                    Hell ******* no.

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                      Absolutely for New England, aside from not really having an offensive coordinator and an average defensive coordinator. Belichick's track record speaks for itself but it's going to be very hard to be the GM, head coach, and call plays on offense - assuming Bill O'Brien doesn't end up doing that.


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                        So far this offseason I have been and in the past I havent had too many gripes. I like the effort being put in for the transition to the 3-4 with the hiring of Capers and staff. Kevin Greene was a nice hiring as well. Im really anticipating this season because of how big it is.


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                          I absolutely love Jerry Reese, he is amazing, and even if I disagree with the move I accept it because in him I trust.

                          I am okay with Coughlin, I don't really love or hate this guy. I despise Kevin Kildrive, I wish we would just get rid of him already, this is where I really dislike Coughlin for keeping Kildrive around, or maybe interfering with his simplistic and repetitive play-calling, I loved Spagnuolo, but we need to wait and see what Sheridan can do before I can pass judgement on him.

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                            2 big HELL NO's for the skins our coach isnt very good and our FO is a joke
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                              Originally posted by 21ST View Post
                              2 big HELL NO's for the skins our coach isnt very good and our FO is a joke
                              Not a fan of Vinny? lol



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