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Are you satisfied with your FO and coaching staff?

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    Absolutely. The only person I have any problem with is Arians and after his play-calling in the playoffs I support keeping him on. He does do a great job with Roethlisberger.


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      I HATE Mike Brown

      So now you know how I feel about the Front Office, now onto the coaching staff....

      I'm content with Marvin. A lot of the problems he has encountered is from the mistakes of Mike Brown. He's not much with the media but that's not a big deal in the long run.

      Our offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is lousy. Same offense every year, crappy play calling and just general suckiness. Anytime our offense succeeds it's generally due to the talent, not the coaching. With Carson healthy the offense consists of medium pass - long pass - long pass - punt. He would completely abandon the run when it was doing well in a tied game. He should be canned. Yes, we had the worst offense last year but I was even complaining about him when the offense was one of the best units.

      Mike Zimmer was AWESOME his first season. Everything we had been asking for from our DC was given by Zimmer. They were aggressive, could actually tackle for once. Finished 12th overall despite being on the field all game because our offense was so awful.


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        Speaking for Detroit fans I think it is safe to say NO. Ford has produced 1 playoff appearance since he owned the team and his list of FO hires reads like a list of total failures including Matt Millen who is likely to go down as the worst GM in NFL history. His replacement, Mayhew who learned his trade under Millen, has been promoted to GM with a resume that is more like a blank page with no substantial requirements met. He assured Ford he would make no substantial changes within the organization, an obviously sound decision if you want to remain the laughing stock of the NFL.
        For any of you who complain about your FO's, just remember, it can be worse as every Detroit fan for 50 years can attest.
        As for our coaching staff, nobody in the NFL can win if their GM doesn't provide them with a reasonable amount of talent and that is never going to occur as long as Ford is the one hiring the GM. 0-16 was just the final reward for Ford's total incompetence and it may not be the last time Detroit goes without a win.
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          AJ Smith hes been pretty solid since hes taken over and there are some questionable things hes done too. But his Pros out weighs his cons for me. Norv ehh well hes done a pretty good job turning Philip Rivers into what he is today, but I want him gone next season. Rivera taking over Ted Cottrell's job was a glorious day.


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            FO: I think TT is average at best. His drafting is pretty damn good, but he completely neglects free agency. He doesn't need to pull a Snyder and sign everyone. But consider the Packers are switching to a 3-4 signing a single free agent who fits the system would sure be nice. I feel like Packer fans, especially on this site give TT way too much leeway.

            Coaching: McCarthy is a great coach, until the 4th quarter. His biggest problem is that he is conservative. Now add in Rodgers being a conservative QB and that explains why the Packers couldn't win a game in the 4th quarter. But for the first three quarters of a game, I would take McCarthy over 90% of the coaches in the NFL.
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              A big fat no on both sides.

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