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Whos your teams breakout player for 2009?

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    I'm hoping any or all of the following for the Titans....
    -William Hayes
    -Jason Jones
    -Kevin Vickerson
    -Stephen Tulloch
    -LeRoy Harris
    -Craig Stevens
    -Lavelle Hawkins
    -Paul Williams
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      Cleveland Browns: hmm hahahahahahahahahaha. Okay sorry I'm done laughing at the fact we might have a breakout player now. Its just such a hilarious idea. We're pathetic and no one under 7 years experience or 30 years of age ever gets a chance to start in Cleveland. The Browns are where draftees go to bust and where veterans go to get staph infection. We'll never have a breakout player. God I hope we trade Alex Hall to Pittsburgh or Baltimore where he can be a stud because he has the ability to be one...just not going to happen in Cleveland.


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        Favorite: Jason Jones, who will be taking over for Haynesworth in the starting rotation. I made a post about him in the Titans forum:

        Originally posted by TitanHope
        Jason Jones
        6'5 1/4
        275 lbs
        13 games/3 starts: 31 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles

        Tied for 1st place in sacks among rookies with pass-rush specialists Cliff Avril and Trevor Scott, despite playing in fewer games and playing with an injury. Ranked 3rd among rookies with 3 forced fumbles too. He really had a spectacular rookie year.

        I'm predicting a Justin Tuck role for him this year after the loss of Hayesworth. We all know when Fat Al would split out at LE while KVB moved inside to DT. It was very effective. Plus, sometimes Al would drop into a zone coverage, whether in the flats or whatever. It'd confuse the hell out of the offensive lines and QB.

        Jason Jones has that versatility. Hell, he was profiled as a DE by Scott when he was entering the Draft. You guys remember the Pittsburgh game? The game when both Fat Al and KVB had to sit out? J.J. raped! He doesn't play like a normal DT. He's long and quick, and doesn't bull rush. He'll pull a spin move or run around a guy as a DE would an OT. I mean he looked like a freakin' OLB at times. 1 sack was when he was double-teamed. 1 sack was from an end-tackle twist, where Jacob Ford went inside and J.J. went outside from their spots. J.J. took the long way, and still sacked Big Ben and forced a fumble. Highlights of it can be seen here!

        He's not gonna replace Haynesworth. No one can. But it will be fun to see what Wash and Chuck Cecil do in order to bring pressure. Our DL is rather spectacular. We have a great system. Haynesworth excelled in our system, and it will be interesting to see how he fares in Washington. Meanwhile, we still have an above average DT group. Jason Jones will be a part of that. Plus, the Titans have arguably the best secondary in the NFL. 3 Pro Bowlers in Cortland Finnegan, Michael Griffin, and the Chris Hope (<3). I think Nick Harper is vastly under-rated; he's a sure tackler and great zone CB. The front office also brought back Vincent Fuller. Vinny is smart as hell, and is a CB/S tweener. Nevertheless, he's 6'1, 190, tips balls, and intercepts them for TD's (2 INT return for TD's in '07).

        I'm ranting now. Anyway, J.J. may have the biggest role on the DL next season, and I'm excited. He's very much comparable to Jaron Gilbert, who's in this year's draft class. Look for the Lions to go after him with their 2nd RD pick.

        So, discuss J.J. in this thread, and if you're a little aroused after reading this, don't worry - it's only natural.
        Dark Horse: William Hayes, DE. Last season he saw playing time at DE, but he's crazy athletic - played OLB, DE, and DT in college. 6'3, 270+ lbs, long arms, and should be deployed more in an effort to increase pass-rush. He'll be in rotation at both end spots, and depending on what Chuck Cecil wants to do, maybe even some time at DT. Last season, Jacob Ford broke out with 6 sacks in situational duty. Hopefully, HayezZz can do the same.

        Out there pick, cuz I'm a man!: Rafael Little, KR. UDFA who was hurt all last season. May be able to win a roster spot and take over returning duties after Chris Carr left in FA.
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          Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
          -Lavelle Hawkins
          Hawkins can straight up ball, I don't know if he's really focused or what but I'd put my money on him being the guy...I saw him in the pre-season game vs Oakland when he had 2 catches, 70 yards and a TD, and I expected alot more production this past year but that could be due to the offense.

          Every time I saw him though he usually made some clutch catches, always shows off good foot work staying in bounds and sure hands, I think he has some big play ability though that should seperate him from some of those guys in that bunch.

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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            Every year I think DJ is going to have his breakout year and every year I'm underwhelmed.

            For this year I'll say Glenn Dorsey. If they use him right I see him being the disruptor he was drafted to be.

            Oh, and Derrick Johnson :D

            Originally posted by fenikz
            His soft D really turns me off
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              For the Giants its pretty much...

              -S Kenny Phillips going to finally start the full year.
              -RB Ahmad Bradshaw will pick up all the carries Ward left for him and be twice what Ward was.
              - WR Domenik Hixon I might still be the only one on the bandwagon but this kid showed some flashes I still like him, as maybe a great #2 I don't think a playmaking #1 anymore.

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                Tracy Porter, Adrian Arrington and Pierre Thomas for the saints

                Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                - Corner or Wideout in the first
                - No reaching
                - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                  Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
                  Miles Austin - 62 catches, 1045 yards, 7 TD's

                  He's still a relative unknown, but chalk me up as a believer, I'd be surprised if he didn't have a really good season next year, so yes I expect these numbers, he's ready to breakout.

                  On a side note I see Morgan blowing up next year, 1100 yards, 10 TD's, he's a stud and I expect him to show up on the scene in a big way.
                  Setting the bar really high for Miles there...and if what Jerry is hinting at is any indicator. It seems like that starting job could go to Austin, Crayton, or yes, Sam Hurd. I agree that Miles or Sam should be our break out player this season...but again, I wouldnt write off Hurd if I were you. Miles has the inside track at the job but, nothing is guranteed here. If I had to guess right now, I'd say Austin will be the guy but, I doubt he'd put up close to 1,000 yards. We should be looking at an increased involvment from Felix Jones and Martellus Bennett in the passing game. The T.O. departure enables Garrett to open up that playbook a little more. That ball should be spread around quite a lot and the running game should be more of a focus.
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                    Taylor Hilee, CJ Wilson, or Charles Johnson.


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                      Originally posted by 49ersfan_87 View Post
                      Which player on your team (should be a relative unknown to the general public) do you think is poised to break out for next year?

                      For the 49ers, i'll go with WR Josh Morgan

                      2008 stats- 20 catches, 319 yards, 3 TDs, 16 YPC



                      Morgan was a 6th round pick from 2008. He turned a lot of heads in camp and preseason. He impressed so much that he was expected to be a starting receiver from week one. Unfortunately, his progress was impeded by a staph infection that slowed him down for a few weeks in the beginning of the season, as well as Bryant Johnsons solid play. But Morgan slowly went up the depth chart again and his breakout performance was against the Giants, catching 5 passes for 68 yards and a TD. He continued to show more flashes of brilliance as the season progressed but was hampered by injuries as well, missing 4 games in the 2nd half of the season. His highlight of the season- catching a 46 yard hail mary TD with 3 defenders around him against the rams. He took a nice lick at the end of the play too but still held onto the ball. His play has sold me on his ability and i think he can be a legit receiver.

                      Barring injury, he is expected to be the starting Split End next year. He has a nice combination of size and speed (6-0 219, 4.4 40), good route running, and a nice knack for getting open deep. He seems to be the type that isnt great at anything but is good at everything. He'll likely be the 49ers #1 by default and i expect good things from him in his 2nd year in the pros.

                      Whos your teams breakout player for 2009?
                      Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
                      Miles Austin - 62 catches, 1045 yards, 7 TD's

                      He's still a relative unknown, but chalk me up as a believer, I'd be surprised if he didn't have a really good season next year, so yes I expect these numbers, he's ready to breakout.

                      On a side note I see Morgan blowing up next year, 1100 yards, 10 TD's, he's a stud and I expect him to show up on the scene in a big way.
                      I remember writing about both these dudes on more than one occasion last year when i did those weekly review write-ups. I really liked what I saw from Austin (we get a lot of NFC East games in AUS) and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of his play is what pushed the staff to view TO as more of an expendable commodity than they otherwise would have.

                      Originally posted by ZOMGitsjosh View Post
                      Taylor Hilee, CJ Wilson, or Charles Johnson.
                      I like Hilee Taylor, he was only able to play in certain situations but he showed some good quickness off the edge, his size though 6-2 250 odd pounds is going to be a huge limitation for a defensive end. I think he'll end up switching into more of a rush backer role, but I don't think he'll break out this early in his career.

                      Charles Johnson I like, especially if Peppers leaves, while I don't think he can equal or even come close to equaling what Peppers was for us, I like that he had 6 sacks and 7 pass defensed as a back up splitting time with Tyler Brayton. He's got his weight and strength up too which will no doubt aid him in pushing for time.

                      My choice:
                      Dante Rosario, he's shown he can catch, block and when the game is on the line make the tough catch. I wish he'd get a better grasp of the offense and I also wish Davidson would design some more specific plays to his skill set because I think he can become a weapon for us, Jeff King's a solid blocker, but he won't ever be a real receiving threat.


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                        For the Falcons, Stephen Nicholas should get an opportunity to start, and has hinted in limited playing time that he can be a very explosive linebacker.

                        On a slightly higher level of recognition, I expect Jon Babineaux to become more widely recognised as an upper-echelon UT.
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                          I think Jermichael Finley will break out for the Packers. He started to show flashes at late last year and was a lot more involved in the offense. He could end up as our starting TE by the end of the season.

                          Someone is likely to break out because of the 3-4 switch as well, maybe AJ Hawk but I'm not so sure. I don't see an obvious candidate.

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                            Some non-Lber picks for the Ravens...

                            I would love to see Demetrius Williams come back from his injury strong and really give Flacco that speedster in the slot...he has shown flashes before, and I keep picking him to break out, and eventually he will I know it!

                            On defense, I can see Fabian Washington really stepping up with Cmac out of the picture and becoming the #1 CB everyone thought he could be at one point in his career.
                            Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                            The APS is strong in this one.
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                            Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                              Aqib Talib will take big steps towards the absolute stud he can be. I think he'll be scary good this year - at least 2 defensive TDs.

                              Bate's system will help Gaines Adams put up big numbers, especially if we beef up our DTs a bit.

                              And pending how the draft goes, I think Clayton will have a 'break-back' year, since Jag's offense will spread the ball around more than Gruden's did.

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                                Who I want to break out:
                                Colt Brennan, QB

                                Who I THINK will break out:
                                Devin Thomas, WR
                                2008: 15 rec, 120 yds 0 td
                                2009 projection: 55 rec 650 yds 6 td



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