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    Offense - Andrew Whitworth

    Defense - Ndukwe or Peko

    The Twitters


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      Kerry Rhodes. Any time there is a discussion of where safeties rank, it's like Kerry Rhodes ceases to exist. So underrated that he doesn't even make underrated list. How he hasn't made a pro bowl yet boggles my mind.


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        Offense: LG Justin Blalock. Thought to be a steal in the 2007 draft, he was a bit slow on developing in his rookie year. In his 2nd year however, he has become a factor in the run game and plays the pass game well. He has a knack for recovering key fumbles too (1 in the endzone for a TD in the Minny game, and 1 in OT in the Bucs game. The Falcons might not be in playoffs if it weren't for his FRs).

        Defense: UT Jonathan Babineaux. He was one of the Falcons breakout players in 2008 and made his presence known by getting great penetration in the run and pass game. He has a quick first step and can collapse the pocket. He was among the league leaders in TFL (either sometime during the season or at the end) and is only going to get better.

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          Offence- Donald Penn LT

          Defence- Tanard Jackson FS


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            It pains me to say it but Fred Smoot. Many still think he's trash like he was in Minnesota but IMO since he came back he is better than he was before he left us the first time. Some how he learned how to tackle and he's always solid in coverage. He runs his mouth but its in a fun way. I honestly wasn't even a Smoot fan the first time he was with us and many thought he was pro bowl material, but I am a fan of his now. He isn't pro bowl material but he is more than capable of starting and he is amazing to have as our 3rd corner.

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              For New England:

              RB Laurence Maroney - His lack of success has been more to do with injuries and a lack of opportunities than skill. His rookie year incl. playoffs had more yards on less carries than Joseph Addai.

              RT Nick Kaczur - Everyone cites a weakness at right tackle when giving New England an offensive linemen, but Kaczur actually allowed just 3.5 sacks last year and did a pretty good job overall.

              CB Terrence Wheatley - I see a lot of people claiming New England took a bust when they give them a cornerback, but Wheatley actually was shutting down Marvin Harrison in his first start before a season-ending wrist injury.


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                Jason Avant

                Broderick Bunkley


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                  Originally posted by Crickett View Post
                  Kerry Rhodes. Any time there is a discussion of where safeties rank, it's like Kerry Rhodes ceases to exist. So underrated that he doesn't even make underrated list. How he hasn't made a pro bowl yet boggles my mind.
                  Co-sign on that one. Some people were clamoring for him a few years ago, but now he's never brought up.
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                    kerry rhodes was once underrated, but is not quite as good now---

                    little leon however is very underrated even though he made the PB; hes been the most valuable player on the jets for the past 2 seasons easily

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                      Baltimore Ravens

                      Offense - Jared Gaither - Soon to be an elite Tackle in this league.

                      Defense - Jarret Johnson - This man is just a straigh up football player. He plays the run well and does a good job rushing the passer. Did a great job replacing Adalius Thomas.


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                        Offense - Josh Cribbs

                        Defense - Josh Cribbs


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                          Cullen Jenkins. It sucks that he was lost for the season because he was going to have a monster season last year. Now that he'll be playing 3-4 DE he'll probably never get the recognition.


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                            Offense - Heath Miller. Just a solid solid tight end. Great blocker, and pretty much never ever drops a ball. Good after the catch as well, just not blessed with great speed.

                            Defense - Aaron Smith. He's possibly the most valuable player on the best defense in the league. Probably not underrated on this board, as Steelers fans have been hyping him up since I've been here. But he is barely known to most NFL fans. He's amazing against the run, doesn't take plays off. Often takes up 2 OL allowing Woodley to break free.

                            ST - Jeff Reed - In 2007 he only missed 2 FG's all season. One was from like 60 yards, and the other one was in the mud bowl vs. Miami where the kicking conditions were basically impossible. This season he missed just 4 FG's, I believe only 2 or 3 of them were makable FG's. I think I read that he is top 5 in all time FG%. And he does this all while kicking at one of the most difficult stadiums to kick at.


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                              Falcons have quite a few seeing as we aren't really well known by a lot of people besides the ones mentioned (Blalock, Coleman, Babineaux) I'll add RT Tyson Clabo and RG Harvey Dahl.


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                                Offense- No one as everyone besides Calvin Johnson and Keith Smith suck
                                Defense- No one as everyone sucks
                                Special Teams- Jason Hanson aka Kicking God

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