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    Offense: FB Ahmard Hall, and it's not a contest. He's the best FB in the NFL, and has paved the way for our running game the past 3 seasons. It ain't easy clearing out 8-man fronts, but he's dealt punishment. Hall had a huge effect on Chris Johnson's success last season, and got little credit for it.

    Defense: Tough one for the Titans, because it seems like for every star we have, we have a guy who gets over-shadowed. Haynesworth>Tony Brown. Cortland Finnegan>Nick Harper. Keith Bulluck>David Thornton.

    I'll say Tony Brown, because if you look at his profile on, they don't have the correct picture of him - it's a pic of Bryce Fisher isntead. Poor fella'...
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    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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      Other teams:

      Stewart Bradley LB Philadelphia Eagles:
      Though in his first year starting he didn't light up the statistical categories he showed excellent ability to read an react to the play in front of him. His first step is great, he runs well in coverage and shows some good fluidity in his playing style and when needed he can deliver the wood. It's a homer comparison but he reminds me a heck of a lot of a young Dan Morgan, quick to read, quick to swarm and does damage when he gets there, one of the better young linebackers coming through the NFL.

      Owen Daniels TE Houston Texans: This guy doesn't get the credit he deserves for just how good he has been. When TE discussions usually crop up it's all about Witten, Gates and Gonzalez, occasionally schefter sneaks in a mention, but this guy has been consistently up there with all of them. Especially as a receiver. Last year he was 3rd among active tight ends with over 70 receptions and 800 yards. Though he is a recognisable name, he is an elite TE and is never mentioned as such, for that reason he's underrated.

      Shaun Ellis DE New York Jets: Aided by the arrival of Kris Jenkins Ellis really stepped up his performance in 2008 and managed to find himself with more sacks and tackles than some outside linebackers. Not a bad effort imo, and he doesn't get enough credit for just how good of a defensive end he is. As far as I'm concerned he gets very little recognition considering just how good he is.

      Homer Pick:

      Thomas Davis OLB Carolina Panthers:
      After a relatively slow development due to two position changes in two years and then another one before the beginning of the season, Davis has come into his own at WLB for the Panthers. He won't pick off many passes, but he is adept in coverage, is able to blitz with effectiveness and is one of the hardest hitters and surest tackles in the NFL. Never really gets noticed as the world of OLB's is usually 34 names, but in the 43 he is among the top in the NFL.


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        Pierre Thomas


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          Originally posted by OneToughGame View Post
          Brandon Mebane
          x2 on that.

          I don't think most people realize how good Hill is either.


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            Bradie James- Still Has no pro bowls, despite being one of the best ILBs in the league. As a run stuffer, they dont' come much better than Bradie, and anyone wanting to see proof can look back at that Steelers game with Bradie making TFL after TFL, contributing to our outstanding defensive play that game. In coverage, he's average, but he will make plays up the middle and can shut down one sideline if asked to in the run game.


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              Originally posted by Cicero View Post
              x2 on that.

              I don't think most people realize how good Hill is either.
              A lot of Falcons fans wanted Hill before he was franchised.
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                Raiders :

                Offense - Zach Miller
                Defense - Trevor Scott (Okay, well you'll know about him soon enough)


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                  Offense: Ryan Harris...he is definately a superb RT and should be a fringe all-pro RT. Become an item the same year as Clady, so he was over shadowed.

                  Peyton Hillis: Not just lovin on one of my favorites, but I think that Hillis is an extremely dangerous member of the backfield. If he is starting FB, he can take handoffs and catch out of the backfield.

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                  i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
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                  NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                    Langston Walker

                    Terrence McGee


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                      Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post

                      CB Chris Houston
                      Plays short routes better than just about any NFL cornerback. Ball skills have improved. Still can get beat when not facing the ball.
                      Antonio Bryant - Chris Houston can attest to his underratedness. Underrated to Hakeem Nicks proportions, and they're similar players.

                      A Little Bit
                      Earnest Graham - Solid back. Better than Derrick Ward. Makes yards out of nothing.
                      BJ Askew - Solid overall FB.
                      Donald Penn - Good pass blocker.
                      Ryan Sims - Bucs fans seem to hate him but he's a force against the run, at least from what I saw early in the year.
                      Jimmy Wilkerson - Good hustle to get to the QB. Especially in contrast to the rest of our DL.
                      Tanard Jackson/Jermaine Phillips - 2 of the best safeties in the league. If our front 7 wasn't so horrible last year, they wouldn't be underrated.

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                        I feel Shaun O'Hara and Fred Robbins are a bit underrated for the Giants IMO.

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                          Quentin Jammer, Stephen Cooper.

                          I really think Jammer plays as well as basically any corner in the league, you watch his game and it's physical, refined, and extremely consistent. He still takes a backseat to a ton of people in positional rankings though.


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                            Originally posted by etk;1554642[U
                            A Little Bit[/U]
                            Earnest Graham - Solid back. Better than Derrick Ward. Makes yards out of nothing.
                            i dont think hes good at all..

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                              Originally posted by Malaka View Post
                              I feel Shaun O'Hara and Fred Robbins are a bit underrated for the Giants IMO.
                              Honestly I think Big Fred might be getting over-rated. He's a good DT who's strong against the run and gets some pressure, but he's not really a stand out and I think some people over-rate him just for being part of our beastly DL.


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                                Originally posted by SimonRath View Post
                                i dont think hes good at all..
                                You're entitled to your opinion. That's all I can say to a comment like that.

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