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Best WR tandem in the AFC

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  • how can someone be so in love with stats


    • Originally posted by njx9
      yeah, but if you count all the yards marshall gained running sideways, he'd have been at like, 45.5 yac.
      Or backwards. lol



      • I still can't believe we are still having an argument over Brandon Marshall in this thread.
        And he can be a deep threat, its just that the offensive gameplan has never been centered around the deep ball. It is a west coast offense, with short routes, and a good running game. Watch the first Denver-San Diego game last year, and see how Marshall abused San Diego all game long, with different routes, INCLUDING A FADE TD.


        • I think I would give it to Owens and Evans. I think Owens is a more complete receiver than Moss when it comes to run blocking. Also I think Evans can stretch the field with the best of them, maybe I'm biased cuz' he burned my team for 2 80 yd. scores in one game..... ouch. All that being said as a tandem I think this pair can hurt you in the most ways.

          The homer in me wants to throw Andre Johnson in the conversation, but really that wouldn't be right. AJ's our linchpin and really anyone you plug in would have a good chance to have success. Plus with O.D. being so successful our receiving game doesn't only rely on the tandem philosophy. AJ still rocks though.

          I've read alot of the Marshall argument and couldn't help but throw some logs on the fire. How much of Marshall's success was based on Cutler? Cutler and Marshall came into the league at the same time and Cutler has proven he's a good QB, how will Marshall (and Royal for that matter) do without him? Also please don't insult Cutler by comparing him to Carr, that is so....sooo unfair to Cutler. I say this cuz I saw someone comparing AJ and BM's first few seasons. Talking about an elite WR excelling regardless of who's throwing him the ball is a BS argument. If that were the case where was Mr. White of the Falcons last yr.?

          Anyways, talking about Shanahan and his so called crap play calling for Marshall resulting in his low YPC. Didn't Ashley Lelie rank near the top for YPC in the same system a few yrs. ago with Plumber throwing to him? Considering that the Broncos ranked so high offensively this yr. wouldn't logic dictate that Marshall's YPC attribute to that production?

          Another thing in a tandem doesn't the guy on the other side demand attention as well taking pressure off each other? AJ doesn't have that luxury and never has, imagine if he wasn't doubled or had so much coverage rolled his way, wouldn't that create space for him to create after the catch. The beauty of tandems is that they create space for YAC. So while Marshall's YAC is all well and good, I don't know if I would label it "elite"

          hehehe, feeding the flames is kinda fun.



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