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Kyle Orton vs Matt Cassell

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    Originally posted by bored of education View Post
    no matter what you say i always win malaka! ALWAYS! :D
    Alright you win :(

    Bone Krusher, the best


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      I love how Orton is holding a whole thing of Jack Daniels and only one coke.

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        I like both these QBs and the situations they landed in.

        I think I am of the minority opinion that Denver got the better end of the trade, assuming they use the picks well at least, Orton to me is a very solid QB, good leader, seems to be very well liked by his team, showed a willingness and the toughness to play hurt and still put up good numbers with quite possibly the worst offensive supporting cast in the league.

        Sure, Orton has him limitations, his deep ball is not accurate, arm strength is actually quite solid, but he makes solid reads, throws a nice short and intermediate ball and doesn't make a lot of mistakes. To me he can be a good solid starter that wins a SB if he has a good cast around him. He still has to win the starting role though. One thing I am certain of is that I dont think that Denver should be drafting a QB, especially if it means moving up, in the first 4 rounds. I don't mind a project number 3 type, not that I see one, in later rounds.

        Another reason I don't like the trade for Chicago is that I don't like QBs that sook. You earn the right to complain and quite simply he hasn't earned anything. He is a great physical QB but mentally I don't like him at all and Chicago basically just said you have to win now. Should be interesting to see how he handles the pressure given how poorly he has handled just about every bit of adversity in his career so far.

        Cassell... I was pretty sold on him last year, seems to be able to make all the throws, has good mobility and most importantly, didn't force things. Most impressive thing though perhaps was the way he took control of the team, it is pretty hard to come in off the bench and be a leader of a team that already has a strong leader, you are always going to be compared to him, Cassell won over a very veteran team, that speaks volumes to me and stands him in good stead for the future. He goes to a pretty promising situation. If LJ shows up with his head right they have an elite back with a legit home run hitter to mix it up in Charles. The line has had some turnover in the last couple of years, but it is beginning to show signs and I fully expect KC to take at least 1 lineman in the draft to sure it up further. The defense is a couple of playmakers from being solid. Then there is Bowe and Tony, Tony is like the ultimate safety blanket for a QB, even if he loses a step between now and next season, he will still be a star. Cassell should do very well.

        Also worth noting, the Chiefs were about as competitive as a horrible team can be, they were in most games, they were a sack here or there from winning half a dozen games, fix that and they should be solid.

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          Originally posted by Brent View Post
          I love how Orton is holding a whole thing of Jack Daniels and only one coke.
          Only girls need coke with their whiskey.
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            Originally posted by D-Rod View Post
            Only girls need coke with their whiskey.
            Tough guy alert...

            Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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              Cassel, signed by BB for over 14 million a year and last I looked he is no fool.
              Wanted by both his former GM and former HC to be their starting QB even at over 14 million a year. They were/are willing to stake their careers on his ability. Only negative is fans who cannot believe these guys are all right about Cassel.
              Orton, quickly dumped by his GM and HC as soon as it was possible to get Cutler. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for his talent.
              And proud of it!!!


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                Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan View Post
                Brandon Marshall is good, but he was nothing before Cutler. As soon as Cutler starts, even in that rookie year, Marshall plays really well.
                I could be wrong, but didnt Marshall not even play with Plummer? I know he had that 71 yd td in Cutler's first game but that was all Marshall RAC anyway. I believe he was buried behind Javon and Rod all year untill the last few games, so you can't tell if he was nothing before Cutler.
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