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Another idiot WR in trouble with the law

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    Originally posted by ChezPower4 View Post
    Will people ever learn...... I don't see him getting signed unless someone is desperate
    Desperate for what? A backup, TE-like WR that showboats after catching a three yard pass? 'Cause thats what he is.

    Reggie Williams is one of my most hated players in the NFL. He's such a loser. He runs a three yard smash route, catches the ball, gets drilled in the back, helmet comes off, and then he shakes his dreads all over the place and acts like he just caught a game-winning TD.
    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
    Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
    I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
    Originally posted by bearsfan_51
    iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
    Originally posted by GatorsBullsFan
    I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
    Originally posted by GoRavens
    Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.



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