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Who wants Rex Grossman?

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  • Who wants Rex Grossman?

    aka: Sexy Rexy
    aka: The Cumslinger
    aka: Unleash the Dragon

    He's been a free agent since February and has drawn no interest. He has, however, hired Drew Rosenhaus who claims to be talking to several interested teams.

    I'm about 96% sure that Chicago won't have him back. Yeah, we could use a more experience backup QB but the staff likes Caleb Hanie and the city has pretty much lost all respect for him....

    A quick glance around the league doesn't seem to have many great spots for him either....

    Packers? No.
    Vikings? Doubtful.
    Lions? Unlikely.

    Cowboys? Doubtful after picking up Kitna.
    Eagles? Don't think so...
    Giants? Prolly not.
    Redskins? Possible but I think unlikely.

    Bucs? Maybe but doubtful since Gruden the QB collector is gone.
    Panthers? Unlikely.
    Saints? Doubt it.
    Falcons? Prolly not.

    49ers? Maybe but I doubt it.
    Seahawks? Possible but I don't think so.
    Rams? I don't think so.
    Cardinals? Nah.

    Steelers? Most likely not.
    Browns? Nah.
    Bengals? Unlikley.
    Ravens? Maybe but probably not.

    Jets? Potentially.
    Dolphins? Probably not.
    Pats? No.
    Bills? Doubtful.

    Colts? Nah.
    Texans? Unlikely.
    Titans? Probably not.
    Jags? Eh...but I doubt it.

    Broncos? Unlikley.
    Chiefs? Don't think so.
    Raiders? Probably not.
    Chargers? Maybe but I doubt it.

    So there we are....the only team I could see him going to and being a starter possibly is the Jets.

    Plenty of places he could latch on as a backup if they were never know what the Redskins might be thinking....49ers and Seahawks have guys for now they seem to like...Steelers and Ravens could use a veteran backup but Grossman doesn't seem like their type and they seem to like Dixon and Smith....Teams like the Pats and Jags I think have backups they do like.....I couldn't for the life of me think of who the Chargers backup is so I said maybe, but I doubt it....

    So where, if anywhere, does he go?

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    T-Rexy, the Sex Cannon, **** It I'm Throwing Deep.

    He makes the NFL better, he makes sports better, he makes the world better.
    Pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligerence.


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      Now that he's not on the team I can't help but feel bad for him. It took a lot for him to come back after all those season ending injuries. All his teammates really liked him and he always had a lot of heart.

      Someone will likely pick him up after the draft as a backup. I find it weird that Orton is so highly touted now while Grossman hasn't had any luck given that there about equal in talent. One will throw more interceptions and the other can't complete a pass past 20 yards.

      Good luck to him where ever he ends up.


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        Ewwwwww... career backup.
        Die hard 49ers fan for over 20 years.


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          i was thinking about the exact same thing


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              Originally posted by Sexy Rexy
              We have a game Sunday? ****, I didnít even know. They donít tell me when the games are played. I just run out onto the field and start aiming lasers for ******* Saturn, you know what I mean? If thereís a defense there, whatever. Sexy Rexy is more than happy to spray hot passes all over the defenseís chest. Who are we playing? The Lions? Pfft. Those guys arenít sexy. You telling me Jon Kitna is sexy? Iíve seen white supremacists in prison who are sexier than that do-gooder. No wonder heís a devout Christian. What kind of ***** would he pull on the open market? Dumpster *****, thatís what.
              Even though it's fake, I love it.

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                Bust QBs are rarely given the chance to be a starter for a second team. He will have to accept being a backup and some former #1s have a problem with that.


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                  He'll sign with the Pats as a backup!


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                    move him to wr and have him go deep on every play so he knows how it feels to run all the way down the field all time championship
                    Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
                    Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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                      The Chargers backup QB is the immortal Billy Volek, with "hai guys did my career start?" Charlie Whitehurst holding the clipboard.


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                        Originally posted by Geo View Post
                        He makes the NFL better, he makes sports better, he makes the world better.
                        He makes defenses better.


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                          Originally posted by tylerb929 View Post
                          He makes defenses better.
                          Especially the Defensive backs.

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                            Originally posted by Brent View Post
                            I love those...this one is pretty great. You need to read the one about Cutler, Orton and Rivers that they posted last week lol

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                            Originally posted by BaLLiN72
                            i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
                            Originally posted by Job
                            NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                              Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                              He'll sign with the Pats as a backup!
                              You mean beat out Culpepper for the starting spot in Detroit. At least he'll have a #1 pick protecting his blindside.



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