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    Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
    I actually think the Vikes could have a really good team this year... I hope they make a move for Quinn because that would set them up really well for the future, they would just need a good possession receiver.
    Oh for sure. They could have a great year. IF they make a move on Quinn. But chances are, Chilly won't move on him. Cause Chilly is a stubborn sonofabitch.

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    Originally posted by ImBrotherCain
    You are just a terrible person.
    Originally posted by bigbluedefense
    I have an iPhone.


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      I think the Ravens should be higher than the Vikings, Saints, Eagles, and the Chargers.
      Originally posted by SunTzu_22
      Just let it go RWO.
      We as Ravens fans are clearly scum of the earth, and should just be happy that these great people, who cheer for nothing than the finest, morally impeccable players, playing on the finest, most morally impeccable teams, will grace us with their presence, and words of wisdom.

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