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Are the Chiefs going to be the Dolphins of 2009?

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    Originally posted by Menardo75 View Post
    With the Chiefs having probably one of the toughest schedules in the NFL I have a hard time seeing it. Keep in mind the Dolphins of last year had one of the softest, so in that regard it is really hard to see. The draft will also tell a lot more of the story though.
    I wonder where the Dolphins schedule ranked before the season occurred though.

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      Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
      I wonder where the Dolphins schedule ranked before the season occurred though.
      That's true, but I can't help but think Oakland, Kansas City, and St. Louis were ranked in the pre-season.
      Originally posted by 49erNation85
      I dunno even half of those guys why did we sign them jeez.


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        Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
        I wonder where the Dolphins schedule ranked before the season occurred though.

        No one knows who's going to be good or bad next year. Every schedule in the NFL is tough. The "toughest" schedule as we see it now will most definitely not be the toughest schedule once next season is over.

        People keep saying NFC EAST NFC EAST like that's a reason the Chiefs can't win 9 or 10 games. Would you really be surprised if the Skins were a below average team? The other teams in that division are a QB injury (or meltdown) away from being mediocre squads as well. Even if you gave the Chiefs 4 losses in that division, they still get the Broncos and Raiders 2x each + the Chargers seem to annually underachieve. They could lose in KC.

        I don't know, I just don't care about the schedule right now. By the time the Chiefs play the Eagles, Kevin Kolb could be the QB for all we know.
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          I wouldn't put money on it, but I could see the Chiefs coming out of nowhere in 2009. I have a feeling Todd Haley is going to be the coach that makes LJ angry again and the line blocking will improve. One angry LJ+actual holes in the run game=a very productive LJ

          If the Chiefs turn it around in '09, Larry Johnson will be one of the big reasons why.
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            The Chiefs have a lot more talent on their roster than people realize. They have systems in-place to make the best possible use of that talent, and they have a whole draft to get even better. I reserve my official prediction on their record until after the draft, but the Chiefs are going to win a lot of games this least 8.
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              I would be very pleased if the Chiefs pull off 7 wins this season. They were with in 10 points in 7 of their loses or some crazy number like that. I feel with the new regime some of those could turn to wins even with the much tougher schedule.
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              Originally posted by Hermstheman83
              What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                I definitely think the Chiefs can be competitive this season. Definitely win more games, but given our tough's hard to say we will COMPLETELY turn it around. HOWEVER, I do think the Chiefs are on the right path.

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                  The only way the Chiefs make the playoffs is if Matt Cassel just plays lights out that is asking alot I'm thinking worse case 6-10 best case 9-7.


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                    I like the Rams chances, and I really don't know why no one else does.

                    I also like the Buccaneers.
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                      The Chiefs are improving but they are still a long way away from being a serious contender. I could see them winning the division, though, if San Diego disappoints greatly.

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                        Lions win 5-6 max next year. It's rebuilding again mainly because the North got better.

                        We're not devoid of talent. Calvin Johnson obviously and Bryant Johnson and Ronald Curry in the slot I like better than the 2 midgets McDonald and Furrey who are not effective without Mike Martz. Tons of coverage sacks because of this.

                        Oline we need a stud LG for run game and pass, which we can get at pick 33(Mack,Unger,Duke Robinson. Gosder will develop more in year 2 and is solid and progressed as year went on(3 of his 6 sacks on final play of game on 4th down). Jeff Backus is more than serviceable when re-watching all the Lions games. He'll make a mistake every now and then against a good DE, but unlike the guards and right side of line last year, Backus doesn't give up many hurries and pressures. Backus did a good job against Freeney,Mario Williams,Peppers,Abraham,Gaines Adams last year among others if you rewatch the games. With the QB play of holding onto the ball/receivers Roy,McDonald,Furrey not getting open or Calvin double teamed, he just gets put in really bad situations along with being down by a million points because of defense. Coverage sacks hopefully can be reduced. Left Guard as I said needs addressed and we're rolling with Raiola(per talks of contract extension who is decent but undersized) and Peterman(per his multi year deal) so there still may be problems there.

                        Defense, the big issue was lack of size and ability to force turnovers. Marinellis mold of player was undersized and quick. Problem is, everyone can't be undersized or there is a big problem especially if up front AND LB AND Safeties unable to tackle besides Bullocks. Plus we need 2 stud defenders probably on the Dline to make the LBs effective making Sims/Peterson stud players again. Shaun Rogers and Mike Martz is the difference between 7-9 and 0-16. I don't think we'll find that with pick 20, 2010 draft more likely a stud Dline player meaning QB issue for future must be addressed for Stafford. 5 wins max for the Lions, 2010 then we can MAYBE talk about turn around depending on how everyone develops from 2009. We can't afford any busts.


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                          Originally posted by HawkeyeFan View Post
                          I like the Rams chances, and I really don't know why no one else does.
                          Because they aren't Rams fans?

                          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                            Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                            Because they aren't Rams fans?
                            Very well put.

                            Chiefs could finish #2 in the division but honestly if the Raiders' offensive talent doesn't develop this year it may never happen at all.


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                              I saw someone said the Bucs and I could definitely see that.

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                                All the Chiefs homerism in this thread makes me want to vomit.
                                Cassell is still a huge question mark and saying he is a clutch QB after one season is ridiculous. If he comes back with a solid year, sure, you can say that, but saying you have a QB because of one season in a QB friendly system is just down right ridiculous.
                                Inconsistent running game without Larry Johnson, who has been injured the past 2 years now.
                                If they trade Tony Gonzalez, they will have 1 valid receiving threat in Dwayne Bowe.
                                Who the heck our their tackles going to be?
                                Defense has a ton of question marks, similar to the Broncos defensive question marks to be honest.

                                New coaching, new philosophy.

                                And the Dolphins rided luck more than anything last year IMO. They have an average team, but nowhere near 11-5 good. Baltimore took them to the woodshed in the playoffs, lets remember.



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