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Which team would you rather be the GM of?

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    i would take Cleveland, but only because they have Braylon Edwards...
    I'm a state.


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      Raiders because they have one of the best young defenses in the league already in place and theres talent to work with on offense.


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        Tampa Bay-

        Nice city-fan base is there-awesome stadium-recent success
        Originally posted by Paul
        Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
        Originally posted by Vikes99ej
        These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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          I say the Raiders. They have a nice defense, but a terrible offense. I think that it would be easy enough to fix that, especially considering the O-line is very poorly coached. If the Raiders drafted Brady Quinn, Joe Staley, Micheal Bush, and Kyle Young (which is very possible) they could really turn themselves around, although it may take a couple years.

          They have great WRs in place and it seems like coaching is a lot of an issue with the Line (although there isnt great talent, they should be decent enough)

          The Bucs arent bad, but there are a lot of older guys there.


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            so many homerish answers. im not going to vote, im just going to list some postives:

            Oakland: have alot of talent, moss, gallery, huff, and their defense is solid. Alot of these ppl just need some reality checks, and hopefully kiffin can do that.

            would love the job security, millen blows and hes still in power, which would make me have the confidence to take whoever i want.

            seem to be going in the right direction, dfense played well last year, offense needs some work. Some good signings, but you never know, steinbach could turn into bentley, they just have that much luck

            good organization with some good parts, such as jon gruden. Pretty solid d, with alot of nice weapons on O, including newly arrived jeff garcia.



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