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  • Position Battle Thread

    I haven't seen anything like this up yet, so it's time to get the party started.

    Please keep the thread to starting positions (returners, kickers/punters, slot receivers/nickel corners count)

    Try to base this on competitions that are confirmed by the team, or at least within the realm of logic. Nobody cares what players you think should be benched, stick to players you think have a high likelyhood of being benched

    I'll start with my....

    Chicago Bears

    2nd receiver
    -Earl Bennett, 2nd year, 70th pick (2008)
    -Juaquin Iglesias, 1st year, 99th pick (2009)

    Slot Receiver
    -Rashied Davis, 5th year, 39 receptions (2008)
    -Johnny Knox, 1st year, 140th pick (2009)
    See two other receivers above

    Right Tackle
    -Chris Williams, 2nd year, 14th pick (2008)
    -Kevin Shaffer, 7th year, 86 career starts

    Nose Tackle
    -Anthony Adams, 7th year, 48 career starts
    -Marcus Harrison, 2nd year, 28 tackles/2 sacks (2008)

    Strongside Linebacker
    -Hunter Hillenmeyer, 6th year, 56 career starts
    -Nick Roach, 3rd year, 9 starts (2008)
    -Marcus Freeman, 1st year, 154th pick (2009)

    2nd Cornerback
    -Nathan Vasher, 5th year, Pro Bowl (2005), 18 career interceptions
    -Corey Graham, 3rd year, 91 tackles (2008)
    -DJ Moore, 1st year, 119th pick (2009)

    Free Safety
    -Josh Bullocks, 4th year, 49 career starts
    -Craig Steltz, 2nd year, 120th pick, 18 tackels/1 int. (2008)

    Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.

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    WILB: Kevin Burnett v. Tim Dobbins v. Matt Wilhelm: Coverage linbacker signed from Dallas to hopefully start, versus a 2 down thumper and a mentally disabled Buckeye.

    SS: Clinton Hart v. Paul Oliver : Arena league veteran (and caliber) scrub v. Supplemental draft pick with supposedly high ceiling.

    OG: Kyan Forney v. Louis Vasquez: Run blocker who hasn't seen the field since being a Pro Bowl alternate w/ ATL v. 6'5 330 extremely strong beast, coming out of Texas Tech's system.

    WR3: Buster Davis v. Legedu Naanee: Speedy fragile former 1st rounder v. Gritty clutch TE/WR Tweener.
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      #1 WR and #2 WR
      Steve Smith 3rd year slot man
      Domenik Hixon Explosive Wide Out/returnman, who can get separation but can he catch consistently?
      Hakeem Nicks 29. Overall Pick

      Fred Robbins 9 year veteran, who has been the best pass rushing DT on the Giants for the last few years.
      Barry Cofield 4 year pro whose has been productive since his rookie year in Big Blue
      Rocky Bernard recently acquired FA DT from Seattle
      Jay Alford pass rushing specialist DT, 3rd year pro.

      Chris Canty Recently acquired 3-4 DE FA from Dallas might make more of an impact in a new scheme.
      Fred Robbins

      Danny Clark Veteran JAG who is solid all-around
      Bryan Kehl 2nd year pro who played well in limited tim last year
      Clint Sintim 2nd Round pick
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        Try to provide some information on the players, since the majority of NFL fans aren't going to know much (or anything) about them.

        Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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          Incoming starter:Jamaal Jackson
          Challenger: Nick Cole

          Incoming starter: Juqua Parker
          Challenger: Victor Abiamiri

          WLB: Incoming starter: Akeem Jordan
          Challenger: Omar Gaither

          FS: Leader (as of now): Quentin Demps
          Challenger: Sean Jones

          Center isn't confirmed by the team publicly to my knowledge, but Cole played well enough last year that there should be a battle going on there. Both are huge OLinemen, and Cole is a little quicker and more powerful than Jackson

          LE is confirmed from the team, and that is close right now, but Victor Abiamiri will end up winning that battle. Parker is more of a pass ush guy, but is good against the run and is getting up there in age, Abiamiri is a thrid year player who cam on strong last season.

          WLB isn't confirmed by the team, but there are two players with starting experience there who are both about the same in terms of being a calibur NFL LB. Both have similar skill sets, though Gaither is more of a thumper, and Jordan is a little rangier.

          FS is confirmed and it is with the absence of Dawk, we have two new guys in there. The team says Demps is leading right now, but that is because Sean Jones is more of a SS and I think its more like the team feels more comfortable with Demps as the FS than Jones as the SS.
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            -Shaun Hill, 8th year, 7-3 record
            -Alex Smith, 5th year, missed all of last year with injury

            Wide Reciever
            -Josh Morgan, 2nd year, 20rec. 319yds. 3TDs.
            -Michael Crabtree, 10th overall pick
            -Jason Hill, 3rd year, 30rec. 317yds. 2 TDs.

            For WR, it's about who's going to start opposite Issac Bruce. Morgan is likely going to win that but it depends on how much Crabs can pick up and show during TC.

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              For the Vikings:

              Ryan Cook and Phil Loadholt

              John Sullivan and Ryan Cook

              Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels

              Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin

              Thats all I can really think of at the moment.

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                I honestly couldnt tell you which recivers will be starting but my guess
                1.Justin Gage
                2.Kenny Britt
                Slot-Nate Washington
                4.Lavelle Hawkins
                5.Dominque Edison
                6.Dudley Guice or Paul Williams or Chris Davis

                OG- Leroy Harris vs Eugene Amano (LeRoy is a very talented run blocker and while Amano is solid he isnt anything to write home about.)

                I dont see any changes to the Defense, maybe Jacob Ford starts ahead of Jevon Kearse but we use a rotation so it really doesnt matter.

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                  Sage Rosenfels (2009 trade w/ Texans- 9th year- 79.5 QB rating 1,431 yds., 6 TD, 10 INT in 08)
                  Tarvaris Jackson (2006 2nd round pick- 4th year- 95.4 QB rating 1,056 yds. 9 TD 2 INT in 08)

                  Ryan Cook (2006 2nd round pick-worst RT in the NFL)
                  Phil Loadholt (2009 2nd round pick)

                  nickel CB
                  Charles Gordon (2006 UDFA- 4th year- 22 tackles 1 INT in 8 games in 08(ankle)- 2008 NB)
                  Benny Sapp (2008 FA signing from Chiefs- 6th year- 22 tackles 2 INT in 08)
                  Karl Paymah (2009 FA signing from Broncos- 5th year- 39 tackles 1 INT in 08)
                  Asher Allen (2009 3rd round pick)

                  #2 WR
                  Sidney Rice (2007 2nd round pick- 3rd year- 15 catches 141 yds. 4 TD- knee injury)
                  Bobby Wade (2007 FA- 7th year- 53 catches 645 yds. 2 TD- much better in slot)

                  LDE more off of personal opinion
                  Ray Edwards (2006 4th round pick- 4th year- 54 tackles 5 sacks in 08- starter in 08)
                  Brian Robison (2007 4th round pick- 3rd year- 14 tackles 2.5 sacks in 08- used more of as a pass rush specialist)

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                    Baltimore Ravens:


                    Tavares Gooden
                    Jason Phillips
                    Prescott Burgess

                    None of these guys have proven anything at the pro level. Gooden was injured after being drafted in the 3rd round last year, Burgess is coming off the practice squad and isn't even a lock to make the team and Jason Phillips is a fifth round pick from this year. When leaving the Ravens this offseason Bart Scott stated he thinks Prescott will be the one to step in for us, when asked the same question Ray Lewis said he thinks Gooden will be the starter. I think Gooden has the edge in this race just based on where he was drafted at.


                    Willie Anderson
                    Michael Oher

                    I think Willie Anderson takes this to start the year but I really don't see him holding on to it for the entire season, if he doesn't stay healthy Oher will come in and snatch this position and never let go.


                    Marshall Yanda
                    Chris Chester

                    This may not be much of a battle but Yanda missed the majority of last year and Chris Chester proved that he was not an absolute bust with the playing time he was given. But as long as Yanda stays healthy I think the job is his.

                    #3 & #4 WR:

                    Demetrius Williams
                    Marcus Smith
                    Justin Harper
                    Eron Riley
                    Yamon Figurs

                    Demetrius is a lock for the #3 spot if he can stay healthy, which is never guaranteed since the guy has been an injury risk at every level. If he holds on to the #3 spot, 2nd year WR Marcus Smith will probably be in the lead for the #4 spot on the depth chart but he didn't exactly show much, if anything in his rookie campaign. Justin Harper is currently on the PS but with our extreme lack of depth at WR he could conceivably break onto the team. Yamon Figurs has shown almost 0 WR ability. Eron Riley is a UDFA out of Duke who has all the physical attributes to be an NFL WR (6'3 200 lbs, sub 4.4 40) has an outside shot at making the team but he's going to impress big time in camp. I think he is an off brand version of Darrius Heyward Bey. I wouldn't be surprised to see us bring a WR in that isn't currently on the roster.

                    I am probably forgetting a battle somewhere else but these are the ones that stick out to me at the moment.
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                      2nd QB
                      Dennis Dixon
                      Charlie Batch

                      Darnell Stapleton
                      Kraig Urbik

                      2nd Corner
                      William Gay
                      Deshea Townsend
                      Keenan Lewis
                      Keiwan Ratliff

                      Mewelde Moore
                      Stefan Logan
                      Joe Burnett
                      Mike Wallace


                      Greg Warren
                      Mark Estemyer

                      3rd/4th WR

                      Limas Sweed
                      Shaun McDonald
                      Mike Wallace

                      FB (If Summers is placed at FB)
                      Frank Summers
                      Carey Davis
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                        More 49ers,

                        Left Defensive End
                        - Kentwan Balmer, 2nd year; 1st round pick, almost no experience, hasn't played well in little playing time
                        - Ray McDonald, 3rd year; some starting experience, up and down player that makes a play but then disappears for a handful
                        - Demetric Evans, 8th year; played well, especially against the run, probably the favorite to win the job
                        - Isaac Sopoaga, 6th year; solid player that has never lived up to his potential, super strong with surprising quickness
                        - Rick Jean-Francois, Rookie; Tons of talent but will have to fight to even make the team, highly unlikely that he will win the job
                        - Pannel Egboh, Rookie; UDFA, probably won't even make the team, listing him just in case

                        Nose Tackle
                        - Aubrayo Franklin, 7th year; played well after Nolan was fired last year, odds-on favorite
                        - Isaac Sopoaga, 6th year; the coaching staff wants to see if he can play NT, more tools than Franklin but hasn't lived up to them
                        - Kentwan Balmer, 2nd year; 1st round pick, coaching staff also wants to try him out at NT
                        - Khalif Mitchell, Rookie; UDFA, playing NT at mini-camp, none of the other candidates are great so he could surprise and win the job based on his strength and athleticism

                        #2 CB
                        - Walt Harris, 14th year; old, slow, the favorite to win the job
                        - Tarell Brown, 3rd year; if someone other than Harris wins the job it will most likely me Brown
                        - Reggie Smith, 2nd year; longshot for the CB job
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                          Originally posted by Strongside View Post

                          2nd QB
                          Dennis Dixon
                          Charlie Batch

                          Darnell Stapleton
                          Kraig Urbik

                          Nickle Corner
                          Deshea Townsend
                          Keenan Lewis
                          Keiwan Ratliff

                          Mewelde Moore
                          Stefan Logan
                          Joe Burnett
                          Mike Wallace


                          Greg Warren
                          Mark Estemyer

                          3rd/4th WR

                          Limas Sweed
                          Shaun McDonald
                          Mike Wallace

                          FB (If Summers is placed at FB)
                          Frank Summers
                          Carey Davis
                          The Cornerback battle is actually for the #2, and toss in William Gay, FYI

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                            5th WR
                            Ruvell Martin
                            Jamarko Simmons
                            Brett Swain
                            Jake Allen
                            Lorne Sam

                            Scott Wells
                            Jason Spitz

                            Jason Spitz
                            Josh Sitton

                            Breno Giacomini
                            TJ Lang
                            Jamon Meredith

                            Donald Lee
                            Jermichael Finley

                            Justin Harrell
                            Johnny Jolly

                            Clay Matthews Jr.
                            Jeremy Thompson
                            Jason Hunter

                            Jeremy Kapinos
                            Durant Brooks
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                              I don't know that Dallas will be having many position battles this year, I think Austin is going to get that #2 WR spot, and Sensabaugh is a starter now too, but that 2nd CB spot is certainly open for grabs between Scandrick and Jenkins.

                              2nd CB:

                              Mike Jenkins
                              Orlando Scandrick

                              Jenkins played outside as a rookie, and Scandrick played the slot and Scandrick had a better year overall, more consistent and he showed some flashes of a young Newman covering the slot...Both guys will see the field a bit because we run quite a bit of Nickle but Scandrick is still pushing to start opposite T-New.

                              I prefer Jenkins outside, I think he does too, he can play more bump and run from the outside and he was excellent when he could get physical and run with the WR alot like Al Harris...His off man and zone coverage got better as the year went on and he's still got a tremendous amount of potential.

                              The team flirted with the idea of moving Scandrick to FS in some sets just to get him on the field more but now that Sensabaugh was signed we can let him play his natural spot at corner and his coverage skills and tenacity on the field are easy to notice when you watch him play...He plays with a chip on his shoulder, and so much confidence, two things that I haven't seen in Jenkins yet.

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