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  • Most Overrated Player on Your Team

    Who does everyone like that you know that they shouldn't, atleast as much?

    I'm gonna go with Rashean Mathis. Good corner? Yes. Great corner? Hmm.

    Actually, John Henderson may be a better choice because of his bad year last year, but he doesn't seem to be rated at all of late.

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    Ryan Grant, I don't think it's even close.


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      For the Lions.. I don't know. Ernie Sims, I guess.. I think Kevin Smith is a little overrated too.


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        Aaron Ross? Derrick Ward was mighty over-rated but he's gone. AP was over-rated but people have realized he's fat now so he's no longer over-rated. So I guess that leaves Ross because he's been really underwhelming and if TT outplays him again this year I'm ready to relegate him to the slot/Safety.


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          I think O.J. Atogew or Jacob Bell...

          Bell because he was terrible last year...

          Atogwe gets beat a lot and kinda lucks into over-thrown balls
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            O - Brain Waters good player yes but not as good as he was a few years ago went to the pro bowl last year but I'm not sure he was deserving of the spot.

            D - Derrick Johnson solid starter for sure but way to inconsistent has the ability to take over a game but can also disappear at times.


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              Flozell Adams. Most people realize that he's not very good anymore, but he just got a big contract and he has been to the pro bowl the last few years, when his play merits neither of the two.


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                I guess I should do an offensive player...

                I almost want to say MJD because he hasn't had great numbers, but the potential is obviously there so it's not really fair.

                I dunno, Garrard? I think he's properly rated by now, though. I haven't given up on him or anything - I still think he can be like '07 or better, but we may have to wait a couple years until we pick up a true franchise QB.

                by BoneKrusher
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                  Well I would say right now for the Bears it would probably be Urlacher, with Hester being a close second.

                  For the Patriots I would think Seymour is a bit overrated.

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                    Chad Ochocinco

                    Just not a complete receiver. Won't go over the middle, only runs 2-3 routes, avoids contact at all cost, doesn't get YAC, doesn't block, disappears in big games...


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                      Offense :: RB Ryan Grant
                      Defense :: S Nick Collins

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                        Marcus Trufant probably for the Seahawks. He's a very good corner but I wouldn't say one of the best like some Seahawk fans do (None on this site will say that though I'm pretty sure)

                        Originally posted by Tebowfan85
                        too bad the Sea hawks are starting Hasselback and not Whitehorsest (sp)They are gonna loose any ways .


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                          I'm going to say AP since Ross is only in his 3rd year now and can turn the dial back up.

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                            Steven Jackson just cuz he is the only player good enough to be rated.

                            Haha, Just Kidding. I'd prolly have to agree with rookio here and say O.J. Atogwe.


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                              As a lion fan it's pretty hard finding somebody overrated on the roster.



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