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    If you could add one O and one D player from your teams past dead or alive in their prime to your teams current roster who would they be?

    My picks for the Chiefs.

    O - Willie Roaf it all starts in the trenches and as much as I like Brandon Albert he is no Willie Roaf and moving him to RT would give the Chiefs a great set of OT's.

    D - Derrick Thomas the Chiefs biggest need on D is by far getting a better pass rush and who better then DT to help in that area.

    Honorable Mentions O - Tony Gonzalez,Will shields,Otis Taylor

    Honorable Mentions D - Jared Allen,Buck Buchanan,Deron Cherry

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    Pass rush is the biggest need for NE right now. Bring back the recently inducted HOF'er, #56, Andre Tippett.

    On offense: John Hannah. Hands down. SI called him "the best lineman of all time" . . . I won't argue.

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      Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
      Pass rush is the biggest need for NE right now. Bring back the recently inducted HOF'er, #56, Andre Tippett.

      This, and on offense I'd say John Hannah, HOF guard. Would replace Neal at RG, or shift Mankins to RG.
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        for the dolphins, two guys we have on our roster now. but were A LOT better in their prime

        ricky and jason


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            Offense- John Elway

            Defense- Randy Gradishar
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              Originally posted by Bigburt63 View Post
              This, and on offense I'd say John Hannah, HOF guard. Would replace Neal at RG, or shift Mankins to RG.
              haha. I took too long editing in the second half for Hannah. I can't image any other player on either side of the ball being a better addition. Armstrong is probably the only one even getting an honorable mention since OT is such an important position.

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                Offense: Walter Payton. Yeah we got Forte and could use a receiver, but we've never had an awesome receiver and Payton is a god. Great 1-2 punch with him and Forte.

                Defense: Dick Butkus. Put him in the middle, slide the somewhat deteriorating Urlacher to SAM, have Briggs still at WILL. ******* AMAZING linebacking corps. Best ever perhaps.


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                  Offense - Fred Biletnikoff

                  Honorable Mentions - Tim Brown, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Marcus Allen/Bo Jackson

                  Defense - Jack Tatum

                  Honorable Mentions - Ronnie Lott, Howie Long, Willie Brown
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                    Tim Brown and Howie Long
                    Taking a Knapp.


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                      Offense: I was trying to think of an offensive weapon that the ravens had, but i cant think of any besides Jamal Lewis. If he was like he was in his 2000 yard season, the ravens would be tough to beat.

                      HM: Jonathan Ogden: Move Oher to guard, and Gaither to right.
                      LT: Ogden
                      LG: Grubbs
                      C: Birk
                      RG: Oher
                      RT: Gaither
                      that is a sick linee

                      Defense: Peter Boulware.
                      Since we run the 3-4 now, who best to bring back than the best pass rusher in ravens history. With both him and suggs attacking the ends, that would be a nightmare.
                      If we ran a 4-3, I would love to have Michael McCrary back. I loved his intensity and passion

                      Go Ravens!


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                        The Saints choices suck with Archie Griffin being at the same position as our best players.

                        Offense: Deuce McCallister - Great complement to Reggie and was a beast in his prime.

                        Defense: LaRoi Glover - Team with Ellis and give a great D-Line, not a whole lot of great choices I could think of.


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                          Minnesota Vikings

                          Offense- Fran Tarkenton (No question)

                          Defense- John Randle (Even though he played DT I think he could slide to the outside and play DE, he's not too big and he's quick. Front Four of Allen, Williams, Williams and Randle *drools)

                          Otherwise guys Carl Eller and Alan Page come into the mix too for that last D-Line spot.
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                            Offense: Barry Sanders (it doesn't matter how crappy of an OL you give him)

                            Defense: Robert Porcher (we absolutely NEED a pass rush)
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                              For the Eagles it would have to be:
                              Offense: Chuck Bendarik (He can play C and MLB :D)
                              Defense: Reggie White



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