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Only few of the Rivals 100 make a Pro roster.

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    Originally posted by EricCartmann View Post
    I am only seeing 2 Potential NFL Hall of Famers
    What a ridiculous thing to say


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      Originally posted by gsorace View Post
      What a ridiculous thing to say
      Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?


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        the Top players in 2003 were horrid.


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          Originally posted by OneToughGame View Post
          I personally love when 2 & 3 "star" recruits become top 5 picks (like Curry.) I just like cheering for the underdogs I guess.

          :) :) :)
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            Originally posted by Iamcanadian View Post
            As for predicting recruiting classes, you'd be surprised how ratings on high school prospects change quickly when one of them is suddenly sought by a number of top colleges. It is amazing how fast their ratings jump from a 2 star to a 4 or 5 star based just on who is recruiting them.
            You should see the shady **** they do. It's really incredible and sad. My school (Temple) received a verbal from a quarterback out of Virginia this year. He is a 2 star according to Rivals and Scout. His only other offer (I believe) was from Ohio U. Well after Ohio State lost out on all the top QBs in this year's class, they started to go after less heralded recruits. They were then denied by a few less heralded recruits, who stuck with the schools they verballed to. Ohio State then contacts the guy from VA we had a verbal from and offers him. Scout and Rivals learned that he was offered by OSU, and his ranking shot up to a four star (or maybe it was a three star, I'm not sure). Anyway, the QB told OSU that he was sticking with his commitment to Temple, since he knew they were just using him to back up Pryor and didnt really value him like we did. After Rivals and Scout learned that he was sticking with Temple, his ranking dropped back down to a 2 star.

            This happens pretty often. Outside of really top top prospects, it's a terrible way to gauge recruiting classes since there is so much shady **** and political **** involved with more 'major' schools.

            We see this happen a lot at Temple with players we're recruiting who sign with Penn State and suddenly shoot up rankings in increased stars.
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              Originally posted by holt_bruce81 View Post
              Hahahaha this got a little personal for me. One of the guys they listed, Callahan Bright, lives like 5 minutes from me and went to my rival high school. To make you guys understand, there are three high schools in my immediate area, and they are three of the worst football teams in PA and in the country. We're honestly horrendous. So this kid was a big deal, 5 star, top recruit, NFL talent and blew everything. To start, unlike his name suggests, he is not very intelligent. He wasn't academically eligible to play college football, couldn't handle prep school, couldn't handle JUCO. He went to a DII school, but I'm not sure what happened to him there.

              He got busted in a sting a few years ago:

              Rivals page:

              One of the best stories I heard about him was that after he got his offer from FSU, he told FSU he and his girlfriend were a package deal, and I think said he wouldn't go to FSU unless she got a scholarship too. They told him to go **** himself :p

              Total moron.
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                Here are some of the better guys from Rivals 2002 Top 100


                1. Vince Young
                2. Haloti Ngata
                3. Lorenzo Booker
                9. Leon Washington
                15. Justin Blalock
                20. Trent Edwards
                22. Jerious Norwood
                29. Devin Hester
                36. Marcedes Lewis
                48. DeShawn Wynn
                49. Kedric Golston
                51. Eric Winston
                55. Jarrad Page
                56. Winston Justice
                58. Kamerion Wimbley
                59. Tambi Hali
                64. Tony Ugoh
                70. Parys Haralson
                75. Selvin Young
                98. Davin Joseph

                Here are guys from Rivals Top 100 in 2003 and 2004


                1. Ernie Sims
                2. Reggie Bush
                10. Greg Olsen
                14. LaMarr Woodley
                20. Robert Meachem
                23. Victor Abiamiri
                25. Jarvis Moss
                27. Donte Whitner
                28. Michael Bush
                30. Steve Smith
                40. Antonio Cromartie
                48. Vernon Davis
                54. Maurice Jones-Drew
                60. Michael Griffin
                61. Reggie Nelson
                68. Sedrick Ellis
                69. Lawrence Jackson
                73. Marcus Thomas
                79. JaMarcus Russell
                81. Tavares Gooden
                87. LaRon Landry
                91. Sam Baker


                1. Adrian Peterson
                2. Ted Ginn
                3. Early Doucet
                5. Keith Rivers
                8. Derrick Harvey
                11. DeMario Pressley
                13. Chad Henne
                18. Frank Okam
                19. Fred Davis
                24. Dan Connor
                28. Marshawn Lynch
                33. Zach Miller
                34. Brandon Siler
                37. Calvin Johnson
                44. Dwayne Jarrett
                47. Glenn Dorsey
                61. Lawrence Timmons
                73. Lavelle Hawkins
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                  2005 could be very successful depending on how some of the guys fair in the NFL.

                  1. Derrick Williams
                  3. Eugene Monroe
                  5. Rey Maualuga
                  7. Mark Sanchez
                  8. Martellus Bennett
                  10. Jonathan Stewart
                  12. Kenny Phillips
                  18. DeSean Jackson
                  19. Justin King
                  23. Darren McFadden
                  28. Macho Harris
                  29. Mohamed Massaquoi
                  42. James Davis
                  45. Mario Manningham
                  48. Michael Oher
                  53. Brian Cushing
                  57. Jamaal Charles
                  59. Ricky Jean-Francois
                  62. Curtis Lofton
                  68. Malcom Kelly
                  69. Henry Melton
                  78. Everette Brown
                  90. Rashard Mendenhall
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                    Just to add on what has already been mentioned in passing, half of these players will never even have a chance at the NFL due to injury or legal troubles. It's just a fact. Also, sport has shown that the greatest levels of moral corruption also typically occur in the highest caliber athletes. Furthermore, given that roughly half the rookies who enter the league each year are out of it in less than two, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that only 25 or so of these players end up on NFL rosters. Getting even half that could probably be considered a success from a scouting perspective.


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                      This comes up every year. One of my favorite bloggers, Matt Hinton looked at it this year again, although before the draft.

                      He looked at the drafts from 2006-08 and found that according to rivals rankings..

                      you are a 5 *, you have a 1/8 chance of 1st round, 1/4 chance of 1st 3 rounds

                      you are a 4*, you have a 1/21 chance of 1st round, 1/12 top 3

                      you are a 3*, you have a 1/107 chance of 1st round, 1/29 top 3

                      you are a 2*, you have a 1/412 chance of 1st round, 1/99 top 3

                      The odds seems to line up with the stars.



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                        Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
                        The percentage of five star players drafted is higher than the percentage of four star players drafted.

                        The percentage of four star players drafted is higher than the percentage of three star players drafted.

                        The percentage of three star players drafted is higher than the percentage of two star players drafted.

                        The percentage of two star players drafted is higher than the percentage of non-ranked players drafted.

                        So the guys are obviously doing something right. It's not an exact science, but for the most part higher ranked players make more impact than lower ranked players. But a few thousand players sign D-1 football scholarships each year, so of course some mistakes will be made or some players missed out on.
                        Logic; ahh how I love thee.


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                          Many of the top prospects have been great recruits, some of those guys didn't workout in the NFL but making two jumps in competition your going to have alot of busts.

                          My main problem with Rivals is they drop and rise guys based on when they commit, the guys who commit early and don't bring alot of traffic to their site fall while guys who wait till NSD tend to rise.



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