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    Color me surprised at the lack of concern over the coaching changes in Indy. If they were replacing Manning with a backup QB, everybody would be predicting the demise of the organization. But replace one of the most successful coaches of this generation with a former assistant who will be calling the shots for the first time, and nobody bats an eye.

    Doing their hiring in-house should help to maintain continuity, but we've seen coaching changes for Super Bowl caliber teams before, with predictably mixed results. It remains to be seen whether Caldwell is another Seifert/Switzer type who keeps an already-moving train on the tracks, or if he'll crash and burn a la Richie Petitbon or Ray Handley. At this point, it could go either way.

    Of course, the Colts' roster is still loaded with talent...but it'll be an uphill battle if the new staff struggles with gameplanning, playcalling, or in-game adjustments.



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