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If Mike Vick stayed for Sr. year. Vick or Palmer no. 1?

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    Originally posted by Bengalsrocket View Post
    Bengals just got burnt on Akili Smith 5 years earlier taking an unproven QB with great athletic talent. No, I'm not saying Smith was anywhere near the prospect that Vick was, I'm simply stating that Akili was also a young QB coming out of the draft who was hyped for his rushing ability rather than his throwing ability.

    If we're under the assumption that the Bengals front office learns from past mistakes (and I could see why people would think that they don't) then Palmer would have easily been the only choice we could make.

    If we could rewrite history and assume that neither Palmer nor Vick ever got in legal trouble or had any of their past injuries, I would still prefer Palmer to this day. He's the kind of guy who will rarely be doubted by fans and the franchise, which is something Cincinnati desperately needed at the time (and maybe even so today).
    actually in my thought process, I said the bengals would pick vick because they did pick akili smith in the past. What better way to erase the memory of a bust pick but with a flashy pick that will bring spotlight to your team? then again, i would understand the idea of a "safe" pick. I just get the impression the bengals are not typically a "safe" team

    Go Ravens!



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