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    [NOTE: Some of the following comments may be effected by the writer's homerism for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the writer tried to temper it some.]

    Daryl Smith should be on the ILB list along with Lofa Tatupu.

    Maurice Drew... that's probably where he deserves to be right now, but he'll be five spots higher next year after the season he's primed to have.

    What, Vince Manuwai (arguably a top-5 guard before last year) just entirely goes off the radar just because of one year injured?

    Brad Meester is a top-five center when healthy, which he currently is. Him not even being in the top 20 is just wrong.

    Torry Holt is still a top-20 WR. He's getting up there in age, but watch him go for 1,100 yards and 7 touchdowns this year. He's better then Hines Ward, IMO.

    And these next bits are just opinions, but I think Marcedes Lewis is primed for a breakout year at TE. He deserves that #20 spot more then Pettigrew, and I think he might end up with 700 or so yards and 5 or so touchdowns this year. And I'm of the opinion that, right now, David Garrard is better then each of the last four QBs on their list.


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      How is Kirk Morrison a top 10 ILB and Thomas Howard not a top 20 OLB? Howard is easily a better all-around LB than Morrison, who can't defend the run to save his life. Most of his tackles are a result of Oakland's porous D-Line letting ball-carriers get through to the second level. Morrison is respectable in coverage and shows good leadership, but his ball awareness is not great and he can't play in the box. Howard is, IMO, better in coverage than Morrison, even though Kirk is one of the noteworthy cover backers in the AFC. And Howard has much greater range and athleticism. He also has better instincts, and he can actually help against the run...

      Morrison needs to be lower and Howard needs to get some recognition.
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        They have Roy Williams as the 20th best safety. Enough said.


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          Marion Barber not top 20, under such names as Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden, Willie Parker, Ronnie Brown, Ryan Grant, Kevin Smith, and rookie Chris Wells.


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            Did Kevin Mawae retire without telling anyone or do they not have him as a top 10 center/has his play really gone down with age...



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