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  • SportingNews' Top 20 Lists

    *Beware: Stupidity Inside*


    Running Backs


    Wide Receivers

    Tight Ends

    Offensive Tackles


    Offensive Guards

    Defensive Tackles

    Defensive Ends

    Outside Linebackers

    Inside Linebackers

    Some of the funnier jokes,

    - Darren McFadden the #12 RB, DeAngelo Williams #14
    - Calvin Johnson the #11 WR
    - Kris Jenkins not a top 20 DT
    - Parys Haralson the #17 OLB
    - Lofa Tatupu not a top 20 ILB

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    Tony Romo in the top 10 is pretty funny as well.

    and the fact that they blame the D-Line for Urlachers lack of playmaking as of late. Like it's some sort of justification for him being at 1 while #2 isn't working with the bestest of D-lines.
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      I didn't have time to argue everything but here's a few problems I have


      While there will always be a debate about Brady and Manning and probably to a similar extent Brees and Roethlisberger(ie-some people measure QBs by stats and some people rate them by superbowls etc-obviously not as black and white) I don't think you can really argue with the top 6 players, maybe the order but not the players. Now my problem starts with Cutler, Hasselbeck and Matt Schaub being too low while McNabb, Delhomme and Flacco are too high.


      3. Brandon Jacobs. Are we ready to move on now. Seriously though that is way too high for him. I think Portis, Turner and Williams are both too low, while McFadden is too high. As RBs go I wouldn't have McFadden as the best on his team yet. Also Beanie Wells has never played a snap in the NFL. How is he already the 20th best?


      I think McLain should be number 1 and Hedgecock and Heath Evans should be a little higher.


      After last year Larry Fitz is definitely #1 and Andre Johnson is a beast but how can anyone justify Randy Moss only being 5th. The guy has 33 TDs in two years(one of which without the starting QB)!!! Also Steve Smith and Calvin Johnson are way too low. Reggie Wayne is a great receiver but is a bit too high and T.O and Braylon Edwards should only be this high on lists that include drops as a positive.


      Tough to argue too much with the TEs though Ben Watson is way too high.


      It's maybe a bit too early to say Clady is the best OT in the league. Walter Jones is too high on reputation and I would be inclined to push Joe Thomas higher.


      I would push Peppers down to 6 and move the ones below him up one spot each with Williams just over Freeney. John Abraham could be higher based on sack totals but I understand his low ranking due to inability to play the run.


      I think Vince Wilfork is an absolute beast but Ngata should be higher than him. Chris Canty at 5-wow way too high. Kris Jenkins should definitely be on the list(probably top 10) and Brodrick Bunkley should be higher in my opinion-very underrated player.


      I wouldn't have Urlacher or Dansby in the top 5 let alone 1 and 3 respectively. The two best ILBs in the NFL, IMO, are P-Willy and Jon Beason. I also think that London Fletcher, Jerod Mayo and Nick Barnett are too low.


      I agree in having Ware above Harrison even though he is the reigning DPOY. I think Porter and Adalius Thomas are a little too high while Briggs, Hill and Chad Greenway are way too low.

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        No Derrick Johnson?! THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE! /homer

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
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          I haven't look at it yet, but the Sporting News consistently puts out the most amount of crap of any publication in the history of time. Its amazing that anyone actually reads or takes anything they say seriously. I almost want to not click to boycott this horrible magazine.

          Palmer tends to get overrated, I understand he's the definition of a franchise QB physically, but he's been injured and in reality has only had one great season. Also already at 29 and on a team not in great shape, he could end up having a dissapointing career for how talented he is. I use to not be a Roethlisberger fan, but after his second SB you can't argue with how clutch he is, he deserves to be 3 imo and I'm a Saints fan.

          Lee Evans at 8 above Steve Smith, Calvin Johnson and Roddy White to name a few. He deserves to be about 20. Laugh.
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            Briggs should be around 5 and Kampman should be on their, over ogunleye definitely


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              Just a few comments, and these types of lists are always going to be impossible to find consensus on:

              -Matt Hassleback over Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, and Aaron Rodgers is interesting to say the least. I'm guessing that the authors preferred to go conservative with more experience, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find many GMs that would take him over any of those three.

              -Carson Palmer at 4 over Big Ben, Rivers and McNabb is a bit much for me as well.

              Tight End
              -Color me biased, but Greg Olson is just too low. Bo Scaife? Ben Watson? Zach Miller? These guys are all fine players, but nothing special at all. Olson is a special player, and he'll prove that this year with Cutler. Should be a top 5 fantasy TE.

              Defensive Tackle
              -Obviously they have a preference for 3-4 players, but I'm still a bit surprised to see Tommie Harris at #10. *Shrug* Clearly they like the 3-4 NT.

              Defensive End
              -Aaron Smith over Osi Umenyiora? Ok, the 3-4 bias is getting to be a bit much.

              Outside Linebacker
              Ok..Adalius Thomas over Lance Briggs? GTFO. Mike Vrabel at 12??

              Inside Linebacker
              To show I'm not a homer, I agree that Patrick Willis is a better player at this point than Urlacher. I think it's odd too considering SportingNews was the one beating the Urlacher is overrated drum for so many years.

              On the whole, I don't think the list is that bad, but the 3-4 bias is too much for me.

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                Originally posted by *** Ork Wang View Post
                Briggs should be around 5 and Kampman should be on their, over ogunleye definitely
                Kampman is a linebacker now.

                Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                  Whose dick did Jamaal Jackson suck to be a top 5 Center?

                  He is a good center, I'd put him anywhere from 14-20 on a list of top NFL Centers though, and we may have a guy better than him on our roster. I've seen quite a few of these lists, and they are pretty much garbage. But seeing that is crazy to me.
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                    I think Forte's placement as a RB is perfect. (Remember that d-bag a few months back who said Ryan Grant was better than Forte? God i hated that guy......)

                    I think I'd put MJD at 8 and then LT at 10 though.

                    That's about the only one I agree a lot with though. I agree with 51 on Olsen and the QBs.

                    Briggs as the top 4-3 OLB is perfect. I think they should have seperate lists for 3-4 OLBs though....very different positions.

                    I want to disagree with Urlacher as the #1 MLB but looking through that list, even though he is degressing a bit, the only ones I could really see actually being ahead of him are Willis and maybe Ray still. A lot of quality players but none I'd want to trade Urlacher for and I've been one of the top guys pointing out how he is and has been going down hill.....still want him though.


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                      Lol I just read another thing on Sporting news that said the best move of the offseason was the Bengals signing Lavernaeus Coles, who they also said was better than TJ Houshmandzadeh

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                        worst thing i have ever read


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                          its greg olsEn bf51. olsEn


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                            Terrible list, how is Braylon Edwards a better WR than Calvin Johnson? I also don't like the OLB list, majority play in a 3-4 and are more DE like.


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                              The lack of Eric Heitmann on that list is disturbing. Jay Ratliff should also be much higher. Aaron Kampman is also too high; has he ever played OLB?

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