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    Call me crazy but I think it is Donovan McNabb's year to put up or shut up. Many claim he's a great QB with no talent around him well this whole draft has been basicly geared toward giving Donovan talent around him. Everything from trading for Jason Peters to the drafting of three offensive skill players even though they are still rookies McNabb has to deliver this year in a big way to have any hopes to the Hall.
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    Originally posted by njx9
    oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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      kevin smith-guaranteed playoffs, now lets see you do your part atleast
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        I would go with Jamarcus Russell myself.

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          For the Steelers:

          Santonio Holmes


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            Sidney Rice. He has been decent in the red zone but injuries have plagued him since he has gotten into the NFL and he needs a good season this year.

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              Seattle Seahawks: LoJack - can you pass rush?
              Original Matty Ice - got anything left in the tank?
              Deion Branch - Can you stay healthy?

              Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
              JBalla is mormon, so naturally he assumes that whenever you get one marriage done, another two or five are in the works.


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                For Detroit, got to go with Ernie Sims.

                He's been a solid LB, and basically our only sure tackler in the back 7. He had a very good 2007 but 2008 even he struggled. Of course everyone around him struggled too but now he's got some solid LBs playing next to him in Foote and Peterson and better tackling safeties behind him. Sims has to stop overpursuing(one time when speed is a problem) and start making more impact plays than just being the teams only speedy/sure tackler. Detroit won't get rid of him or anything obviously, he's signed through 2010 season but he needs to have a year like 2007 or better. I think/hope he'll put up.


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                  For the Chiefs I think it almost has to be Matt Cassel at this point. He has a lot to prove here in KC. Potentially a franchise QB but no one knows for sure. It was the first big move in the Pioli era, so if he's a flop it'll put a permanent stain on his track record here from the start.

                  For another not so obvious choice I'll go with Derrick Johnson. I personally think he's a stud, but every year he's "poised for a probowl season" and it never materializes. It could be coaching (thank god Gunther is gone) or the fact that the last few years our teams have been so bad, but he's really got to step it up and be that impact leader on our D.

                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  His soft D really turns me off
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                    jason campbell - finally under a system for 2 years so its up to him to produce now.

                    RIP, Sean Taylor.


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                      DeMarcus Ware

                      Haha Just kidding. For real... Roy Williams (WR). He needs to produce and that's the bottom line. No excuses. You're the #1 man now.



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                        In New England, here are some:

                        RB Laurence Maroney - Has been injured a lot, has never really gotten enough carries to get into a groove, and dances in the backfield. He'll have a chance to be the starter, but if he gets hurt again, I don't see him on the team after this season.

                        TE Ben Watson - There's talk they're already shopping Watson, and I believe it, now that they've signed Chris Baker and Alex Smith. Cassel ignored Watson, but Brady targeted him a lot in the red zone, so he might still have a chance.

                        OG Logan Mankins - We already know he's a solid starter, but he was only average last year and needs to improve if he wants a big deal following this season. I'd rather re-sign Wilfork and Seymour over him. He got knocked around by Jenkins last year.

                        C Dan Koppen - Same thing as Mankins. Al Johnson could actually be the starter because Koppen is too small to block the nose tackles in the division. He's only an average starter. The team also supposedly really liked Eric Wood in the draft.


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                          Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                          For the Steelers:

                          Santonio Holmes
                          i think it's safe to say that Santonio has already put it up.

                          RIP ST


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                            Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                            For the Steelers:

                            Santonio Holmes
                            I had to highlight over this post looking for a hidden 'just kidding'. I don't follow why you think Holmes has to put up or shut up. He is the 2nd biggest reason the Steelers won the Superbowl.

                            I was trying to think of a guy, it would have to be a lineman, Stapleton or Kemoeatu with Urbik biting at their heels.

                            Silverback....still the best.

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                              Max Starks needs to show he can be a consistently good tackle.


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                                Oakland is easy...

                                The whole roster except for Miller, Howard, Asomugha, and Lechler.



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