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Put Up Or Shut Up Players, '09

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  • Put Up Or Shut Up Players, '09

    Who are the put up or shut players from your team(s) in 2009?

    I can think of a few players who have to justify bloated salaries or just plain live up to their hype ................

    Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Spencer, LB. Elllis will be gone by September, so he will start at the LOLB spot barring injury, no Don't Call Me Pacman Anymore Jones distractions, he has no more excuses. Ware on the opposite OLB came within 1 sack of the league rcd. last yr. & will draw dbl-teams as always, this should open things up for Spencer to be the sack machine for which they drafted him #1 3 yrs. ago.

    SF 49ers: Vernon Davis, TE He posted a blazing 40 time at his Combine that shot him up most teams draft lists & almost guaranteed his being a #1 pick. Injuries held him back earlier, then the turmoil in the front office that culminated in Nolan's firing on 10/21 of last yr, Singletary has stabilized this team now, so excuses have run out for this underachiever TE. The much publicized public castigation from Singletary in a game when the HC had run out of patience with Davis' arrogant Me 1st attitude + the blown patterns & drops sent him to the bench but I don't think that's his next stop, that would be another team not named the 9ers, & they drafted Bear Pascoe last month. Pascoe is considered a "blocking TE" & they have Bajema for that too, but Pascoe has better hands than Davis all things considered, is a lot better blocker though considerably slower, & is a local Northern California guy from Fresno St. & a fan fave, so Davis is on notice to retain his job. Maybe there's something in the Davis family DNA chromosomes that makes them disrespectful by nature & gives them instant attitude toward authority, his younger brother Vontae, the Illinois CB, acquired the bad reputation with the "uncoachable" tag hung on him after his Combine interviews.

    Oakland Raiders: Michael Huff, S. They put him at safety last yr. to team with DeAngelo Hall & take advantage of his ball skills, where his coverage skills could be better masked & he wasn't a liability drawing too much opponent OC attention as a CB opposite Pro Bowler Asomugha. At this point he's the most overrated S since Roy Williams crashed & burned in Dallas, almost as bad in man coverage. Huff was an awesome college player & magnificent athletic physical specimen coming from Texas who just never lived up to the hype, releasing Hall in October last yr was the clear handwriting on the wall. Huff will be under a microscope this yr. & if WRs continue to run past him & he gives up big plays every game HC Cable will release him outright in mid-season like Hall, he was rumored to be trade bait but his has experienced such devaluation after his horrible 08 performance I don't think anyone wants him.
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    I'm going to play Mr. Obvious and say Jamarcus Russell. He's talented enough and that division isn't totally out of reach so if the light comes on for him, the Raiders could be a playoff team.

    If not....well, the white paper has already been peeled off of the "bust" label, it just needs to be applied.


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      Jamaal Anderson-DE Atlanta

      Ted Ginn Jr-WR Miami

      Lawrence Maroney-RB Patriots

      Kamerion Wimbley-OLB Cleveland

      This season could spell the end of Anderson and Maroney for their respective teams. Wimbley wont be cut or traded because they have no one else in Cleveland. Ginn has been solid but after being drafted in the top 10 he should be a regular game breaker which he has failed to live up to.

      Matt Leinart and Vince Young will both get an extra year in my opinion because they are not expected to unseat Warner and Collins respectively next year, although if a marked improvement is not seen it could be the beginning of the end

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        I guess for the Titans I'll say Stephen Tulloch. He was supposed to take over and make an impact last year but kind of struggled. Plus I believe his contract runs out at the end of the season.
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          For the Colts, Antoine Bethea.

          He's in a contract year and after being a revelation early on, his play really tailed off last year. I hope he bounces back to his form in the Superbowl years, because if he doesn't he may be out the door.

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            Chad Johnson.
            Ryan Grant.


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              for the bears id say Mark Anderson


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                If Chad Johnson plays this season, he will be a Pro Bowler, if Ocho Cinco shows up, he is gone in 2010.


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                  Dwayne Jarrett, but I know he'll be a Shut Up player.

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                    Im going to go with a little bit of a surprise pick with Shawn Andrews. He has been complaining about his contract lately, but he doesnt deserve a new one. He has been extremely injury prone lately and we didnt struggle at all without him.


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                      Originally posted by AkiliSmith View Post
                      If Chad Johnson plays this season, he will be a Pro Bowler, if Ocho Cinco shows up, he is gone in 2010.
                      I believe hes gonna make a return to form for no other reason than it is a contract year. If he's healthy I expect big things from him though I don't particularly care about him at all anymore. He's probably out of here either way though.

                      Cedric Benson is probably in that "put up or shut up" situation this season for the Bengals. Though he had a nice finish to last year, he's going to need to put it together for 16 games in order to REALLY revamp his career here in Cincy and get another deal.

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                        Broncos: Elvis Dummervil

                        He was good for a year or so, but really can't seem to stay effective.

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                          bear pascoe is nowhere near as good a blocker as veron davis
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                            Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
                            I guess for the Titans I'll say Stephen Tulloch. He was supposed to take over and make an impact last year but kind of struggled. Plus I believe his contract runs out at the end of the season.

                            why we should of taken jasper brinkley


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                              Cleveland Browns

                              Kamerion Wimbley, OLB - someone else touched on it. After his 11 sack rookie season, it looked like a brilliant move taking him over Ngata and Bunkley. Since then, Ngata has been the most dominant and Bunkley has surpassed Wimbley as well. We'll see what Rob Ryan can do with Wimbley, but if he does not produce this year, he's a bust.

                              Brodney Pool, S - He's been horribly inconsistent throughout his career. He will sometimes make great plays and other times give up huge plays. He also has a knack for giving himself concussions by leading with his head. If he is still questionable or gets himself paralyzed, the Browns are in trouble at safety.

                              Braylon Edwards, WR - It's not so much that he needs to produce, because he has. It's all about consistency... when Braylon is on, he's a top 5 receiver in this league who takes over football games. When he isn't, he's embarrassing.
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