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    Getting into Football Shape - Andre Smith
    Between the Tackles - Reggie Bush
    Stopping the Wildcat Offense - Bill Bellichick
    A Guide to the English Language - Emmitt Smith with special contributions from *** Ork "That's Why We American Football" Wang
    Defense for Dummies - Mike Shanahan and Sean Payton

    and then one that we may actually see on shelves...

    Football North of the Border - Rex Grossman


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      That's My Quarterback: Promoting Healthy Work Relationships by Terrell Owens
      Taking an Aggressive Approach by Mike Nolan
      A Visitor's Guide to Oakland by Michael Crabtree

      I'll have more later.

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        Go Deep...I'll Get it to You by Rex Grossman

        The Life of an Undrafted Rookie by Michael Mitchell

        Staying on the Wagon by Kyle Orton

        You Need to Draft a Quarterback in the First Round by Steve Young

        I will come up with more

        Sig by the sigmaster BoneKrusher. Each one is a masterpiece
        Originally posted by BaLLiN72
        i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
        Originally posted by Job
        NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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          Tick Tock...A Course in Effective Time Management in the NFL by Andy Reid

          Tackling for Dummies by Asante Samuel

          They Call Me Deion- A Tutorial in Pass Defense by Chris Gocong

          Hunting Gophers- How to Throw Rockets into the Ground by Donovan McNabb

          Questionable- A Week in the Life of Brian Westbrook by Brian Westbrook

          How to piss away touchdowns by DeSean Jackson


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            1 Easy Step to Build A Super Bowl Franchise- Daniel Snyder

            Stedman Bailey 2012 Stat Tracker:
            12 Games, 106 Rec, 1501 yards, 23 TD's

            Steddy Ambition!


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              The Advantages of the Short and Intermediate Passing Game by Rex Grossman

              Beyond the Numbers: Draft Scouting
              by Al Davis

              Mr. Harrison Goes to Washington

              Playoff Football by The Dallas Cowboys

              Taking a Knee by Bernard Pollard

              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

              Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy


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                Originally posted by niel89 View Post
                Taking a Knee by Bernard Pollard

                hahahaha + rep for clever wordplay

                Inbounding for Dummies by the Denver Nuggets


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                  Seizing the Opportunity by Kellen Clemens
                  Penn State University - Detroit Red Wings - New York Jets - Red Bull New York - Fulham FC


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                    That still makes me laugh.


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                      Exceeding Expectations by Alex Smith

                      A Guide to Consensual Intercourse by Jerramy Stevens

                      Proper Hydration by Percy Harvin

                      Enjoying Retirement by Al Davis

                      Facial Hair & You by Kyle Orton

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                        Slim Fast by Jamarcus Russel
                        How to keep in shape by Jared Lorenzen


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                          How to fight clean - Tyler Brayton
                          Showing your team loyalty - Julius Peppers
                          Controlling your anger - Steve Smith

                          How to maintain a low profile - Tony Romo

                          How to stay clean - Matt Jones

                          Catching basics - Troy Williamson


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                            Fair and Balanced: The Roger Goodell Guide to Punishment by R. Goodell
                            Tackle like a Man by Deion and Cromartie.
                            Show Humility, because you're Awesome by the Boz.


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                              How to Win Championships- Any Cleveland Athlete
                              101 Ways to Increase your Draft Stock- Andre Smith
                              How to Handle a Football- Leon Lett
                              Playing Past Your Prime- Jim Brown
                              My Trip to Disneyland- Ray Lewis


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                                Originally posted by the decider13 View Post
                                How to keep your star Quarterback-Pat Bowlen featuring Josh McDaniels

                                Bodybuilding the Natural Way-Kevin and Pat Williams

                                How to Maintain a relationship with your Quarterback-TO

                                Taking Care of Your Knee-Tom Brady

                                My Visit with the President- James Harrison
                                What you are infering is wrong Kevin & Pat Williams have not been accusoed of, or taken steriods...

                                Anyways here is one book that is already in stands and is a best seller just the true authors were unknown until now.

                                The Holy Bible By Calvin Johnson & Adrian Peterson

                                Back on the original theme:

                                How to shut down Adrian Peterson A Colaboration by the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit lions, NFC West, AFC North, Carolina Panthers, and New York Giants

                                Sobriety: 47 Minutes, 22 Seconds and counting By Kyle Orton

                                How to obtain & sustain a healthy/loving relationship By Brandon Marshall

                                Percyland Magic: How to pass your next drug test By Percy Harvin

                                Tampering: Who gives a ****? By Daniel Snyder

                                Full Moon: Actions speak louder than words By Mike Singletary

                                Just Say No! A colaboration by Ex-Jaguar Wide Recievers

                                Strip Steak: A guide to fine dining in New York Gentlemens Clubs By Adam "Pacman" Jones

                                It's just a ******* dog By Micheal Vick, Published by Bad Newz Kennelz

                                Safe Sex By Ron Mexico



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