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Books you won't see on Shelves this year

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  • Books you won't see on Shelves this year

    Add to the list:

    "Ball security" by Jake Delhomme (shamelessly stole this one)

    "Caring for your Pets" by Michael Vick

    "Your team and your client, nursing a relationship" by Bus Cook

    "Dealing with Police" Randy Starks

    "Holding your liquor" - Jeremy Shockey

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    "Birth Control for Dummies" by Tom Brady


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      "How To "Make It Rain"" by Pacman Jones

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        Safety and your gun by Plaxico Burress
        The art of the video camera by Bill Belichick


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          Winning When It Matters by Peyton Manning


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            How To Not Be The Worst Team in NFL History by the Detroit Lions
            I'm a state.


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              Money Management: A guide to dealing with paycuts from the financial crisis by Albert Haynesworth
              Keeping fit and preventing injuries by Reggie Bush (or is he up to the 5th sequal there already)
              Losing on the sidelines: A guide to dealing with adversity that is out of your control by Drew Brees
              Whats in a name? by Chad something
              Personel Management: How to keep your most important personel working optimally by Romeo Crennel
              Madden playcalling walkthrough by Sean Payton

              seriously fun to do, I could keep going
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              - No reaching
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                Do I Have Your Attention Yet? by Brett Favre


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                  "How to be a Starter" by Vince Young
                  "Original Salad Recipies" by LenDale White


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                    Since we're taking potshots at rival teams QB's

                    Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
                    Winning When It Matters by Peyton Manning
                    How to get that big contract and then suck by David Garrard

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                      D.I.V.A - Drugs, I, Vanity, Awesomeness by Brett Favre & Terrell Owens

                      Go Ravens!


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                        Self Preservation: A Guide to Staying Healthy in the NFL by Matt Schaub


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                          Back on the Field by Justin Harrell
                          As the Second Coming of Christ by Jordy Nelson
                          Time in the Doghouse by Michael Vick
                          The Color Purple by Brett Favre
                          Ten Things I Like About Them : Life in the Locker Room by Ted Thompson
                          Porn Star Backers by AJ Hawk and Clay Matthews
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                            How to lead a team full of strong personalities by Wade Phillips.

                            Stepping Up, the story of grid iron warrior and how he was able to overcome adversity on the biggest stage by Donovan McNabb with a new prologue by Andy Reid.

                            Not Failing at Your Job For Dummies by Kevin Gilbride.


                            • #15
                              How to Maintain Job Security by Lane Kiffin



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