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What's his trade value?

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    Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
    josh cribbs considering he's trying to get traded...
    I'd say high 3rd and a 5th.
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      Donovan McNabb


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        I'd take a 3rd for Marion Barber. Carroll needs an RB.

        Come on Browns...Harrison/Barber has a nice ring to it. :D

        I still love Marion but, the tide has turned.

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          Barber is probably a mid 3rd to 4th type value, his running style combined with increasing injury rates just isn't a good sign but he does feel like an odd man out on that offense right now.

          McNabb for me is probably worth a conditional 3rd. Given his age and injury history and fairly consistent playoff failures. Something similar to what the Packers got for Favre with the possibility to elevate to a 1st if they were to make the superbowl or something similar.

          Bernard Berrian and Bryant McKinne are the Vikes I'm curios on.

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            Redskins might look to trade one of their tight ends with Fred Davis coming on so strong with Cooley being on IR. Davis is only in his second year, 2nd round pick out of USC so hes got a lot of potential.

            Trade Value of Chris Cooley OR Fred Davis?

            I think Cooley could bring in a 2nd round pick at best

            and fred davis could bring in a late 3rd-4th
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              Originally posted by The Legend View Post
              Donovan McNabb
              If available, Al Davis could make a crazy offer. Swap 1st round picks and Raiders add a 2 or 3?
              Taking a Knapp.


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                Originally posted by NIN1984 View Post
                If available, Al Davis could make a crazy offer. Swap 1st round picks and Raiders add a 2 or 3?
                I'd take that in a heartbeat.


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                  Anquan Boldin?


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                    I really dont think you can use Roy Williams as a barometer...because, I doubt Detroit gets that from anyone other than Dallas. (or Oakland :))

                    He's 30 and injury prone, but still top notch when healthy. He could still catch a 1st rounder. Maybe even like a late 1st, ala Baltimore and a later round pick. I think that's the best case scenario.

                    If I have a late mid or later 1st round pick...and I need a WR, I wouldnt hesitate to trade that pick for Boldin.
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                    • Thomas Jones?

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                      • early 3rd.

                        Love this game!

                        Laurence Maroney


                        • Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
                          I'd take a 3rd for Marion Barber.
                          I was saying to my friends-who-are-Cowboys-fans during the game that the Cowboys should attempt to trade Barber, as Choice seems capable of whatever Barber is doing and Felix was beasting it last night.

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                          • I'd proudly give two of my 2nd's for Barber.


                            • Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post
                              Laurence Maroney
                              Maybe a low 3rd, high 4th for Maroney. Has the skills but with durability issues.

                              What about for Pierre Garcon?
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