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Rodney Harrison Announces Retirement

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    It's harder than hell for safeties to make the HOF period, no matter how good Harrison was.

    Besides the fact he played in an era of elite safeties, his rep for being a borderline dirty player, including the bust for HGH may hurt him in the eyes of some voters.

    Harrison reminds me of Ty Law, in that when they were in their prime, they were one of the league's best at their position, but since they've gotten older their reputation has faded in the minds of many fans.

    Matter of fact, I think Law has a better shot at the HOF than Harrison, but both are far from sure locks.

    Harrison is one of those dudes you loved if he was on your team, but just the opposite if he wore an opponent's jersey.

    Difficult to argue there were many safeties better than him over the course of his career, I just have this feeling more than a few Pats will be shut out of Canton when they finally retire.
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      Gonna miss him. I figured this was a foregone conclusion once the Patriots started picking up tons of safeties this offseason, but I still would have liked to have seen him back. Good luck in the future! Hopefully a Hall of Famer.


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        He wasn't a great safety, but like has been mentioned he helped revolutionise the position, taking it from "there" to being a weapon for the defense and realistically he deserves some credit for that, his ability in the run game and the often overlooked impact he had on team chemistry.


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          I wouldn't put him in the hall. He simply wasn't great and he was dirty as hell. Good player though and he was a forerunner of the Adrian Wilsons of today. I won't miss him but he will be missed.



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            He'll definitely but I think his play had gone down a notch in the last two years anyway. Despite having a reputation of being a dirty player(which in my opinion could be used for a lot of safeties, cough,cough Brian Dawkins) he should go to the Hall of Fame. While he won't be up there with Ed Reed and Polamalu etc he is still I think the only person with 30 sacks and 30 ints and his playoff interceptions are up there as well. The fact is the guy made big plays when they counted. Plus I loved watching him because he set a tone for the entire defense

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              Originally posted by parrish
              Matter of fact, I think Law has a bette shot at the HOF than Harrison, but both are far from sure locks.
              Law should definitely make the Hall, he's as responsible as anyone for those 3 Super Bowls.


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                Originally posted by The Great Jonathan Vilma View Post
                Easily one of my all-time favorite players - strictly as a Charger, he certainly went down a notch in my books by playing for the Pats.
                Took the words right out of my mouth sir, could not cheer for him in a Pats uniform.



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