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Prospects That You Loved That Sucked

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  • Prospects That You Loved That Sucked

    Aaron Gibson was 6'6 almost 400 pounds and ran a pretty fast forty time. He was a 1st round pick by the Lions back in 1999. Just never did anything.

    Greg Jones out of Florida State never did anything special, but maybe now that Taylor is gone he might do more.

    Rashard Anderson 1st round pick by the panthers. 6'3 and was amazingly talented.

    Stanford Routt who has done nothing yet is 6'2 and still have one of the fastest 40 times 4.27

    The 2005 Speed Linebackers

    Adam Seward - 4.59
    Matt McCoy - 4.58
    Kevin Burnett - 4.58
    Darryl Blackstock - 4.56
    Robert McCune - 4.49
    Jordan Beck - 4.46
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    Troy Williamson.

    I win.

    Lock the topic.


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      Charles Rogers


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        Tee Martin. I thought he was the next Kordell.(the slash type and the almost MVP player)


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          Clarence Moore.

          Never Forget.

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
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            Originally posted by niel89 View Post
            Clarence Moore.

            Never Forget.

            The memories of him in madden....

            Just an end zone monster!!

            88 - SPD
            64 - STR
            69 - AWR
            86 - AGI
            85 - ACC
            78 - CTH
            98 - JMP
            69 - BTK
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              Reggie Bush

              Just kidding I didn't love him at all.

              Anyway, one that comes to me is Pat Watkins out of Florida State

              Height: 6046. Weight: 211 40 Yrd Dash: 4.42
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                He hasn't failed but I expected him to be so much better- D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

                Also kinda the same deal with Sidney Rice only his problem has been injuries

                BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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                  Vernon Davis.


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                    Cedric Benson.


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                      Vernon Gholston, though he still has time, and now has Rex Ryan.


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                        Originally posted by The Legend View Post
                        Stanford Routt who has done nothing yet is 6'2 and still have one of the fastest 40 times 4.27
                        IIRC, Routt played really well last year. Or at least played really well statistically.

                        Some of mine...

                        Dwayne Jarrett
                        Mike Williams
                        Matt Leinart
                        Reggie Bush
                        Winston Justice (seeing a theme here?)
                        Chris Perry
                        Vernon Davis


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                          Mike Williams(USC)
                          Mike Huff
                          D'Brickashaw Ferguson(probably not sucked but has been far from the beast I expected)
                          Dwayne Jarrett
                          Lawrence Maroney
                          Chad Jackson
                          Kamerion Wimbley

                          Those are the ones on the top of my mind right now, plenty of others though.

                          Props to BK on the sig!


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                            Chris Brown HB CU
                            - he did have a 1,000yd season... but could never stay healthy

                            Tyrone Calico
                            -need i say more..... i always picked him up in madden


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                              I liked Michael Huff a lot.
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