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    Originally posted by Shiver View Post
    I think Mario Williams and Vernon Davis explode next year.
    DAMNIT SHIVER! You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth. Those were my guys when they do explode, everyone on FF is gonna give props to you, only cause you posted before me :(

    But other than that...I think if Arizona can shore up their OL, I think Leinart will do very very well.

    Homer in me says Jerious Norwood will shine with more carries, and Jimmy Williams will do a good job when he actually plays, whether it be CB or S.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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      Vernon Davis will play in the pro bowl - bet on it

      me want to kill you? hahaha Bonekrusher you complete me


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        LenDale White, got moved up to starting RB by default.


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          Antonio Cromartie. I expect him to unseat Drayton Florence and become a playmaker.


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            Originally posted by duckseason View Post
            Antonio Cromartie. I expect him to unseat Drayton Florence and become a playmaker.
            As do I, but of course that is the homer in me. But he showed flashes last year, and he was so so raw last year that he really could become something special.


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              If Cato June leaves via FA, Freddy Keiaho could start for the Colts, and they think very highly of him.


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                Rocky Mcintosh OLB Miami(Fl)


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                  I've thought of more:

                  Tye Hill, CB, Rams
                  Chad Greenway , LB, Vikings
                  Manny Lawson, LB, 49ers even though he did good last year.
                  Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers
                  Santionio Holmes, WR, Steelers
                  Kelly Jennings, CB, Seahawks
                  Michael Huff, S, Raiders
                  Jason Allen, S, Dolphins
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                    Wow a lot of Vernon Davis. I think he is going to be extremely average his whole career.

                    My bet on a breakout would be Bunkley and Maroney will absolutely shine even more with the expanded role he most likely will be getting. Also Rocky McIntosh is the Skins brain trust is smart enough to get him on the field more.


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                      i'd say Chad Greenway


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                        Some "breakout" guesses (that is, guys that take big steps forward, obviously, a subjective measure):

                        Chad Greenway - Heck ... anything's a breakout for him considering he didn't play. But he's going to play in a scheme that should be an excellent fit for his skillset, and I could see a huge year coming from him as long as he picks things up.

                        John McCargo - I think that the overall DT talent, as of now, is very mediocre in Buffalo, with solid, but low-ceiling talent like Kyle Williams, or mediocre veterans like Larry Tripplet. McCargo will get every chance to prove himself, and with Aaron Schobel on the line, McCargo could get some very positive situations for himself.

                        Marcedes Lewis - Koetter knows how to utilize TE's, and with a WR set that's still more potential than production, Marcedes could become the strong security blanket for Leftwich.

                        DeAngelo Williams - It's looking like he'll be the guy, and a 1200+ rushing yards season is very possible.

                        Jimmy Williams - I'm not a big fan of him ... but I do like Mike Zimmer as a DC, and there's no doubt Jimmy has talent. Wherever he is used, he could be come critical, especially if he's the 2nd corner, as teams will challenge him moreso than DeAngelo.

                        Lendale White - by default. He'll get the totes ... and should be able to put up decent production if he comes in shape. A 1000 yard season is certainly in reach.

                        Greg Jennings - I guess this might be a reach, as he had a quality rookie year. But he certainly hit a wall, and with a full pro offseason, he might be more ready. Could a 1000 yard season be in store? Potentially.

                        Andrew Whitworth - Will get the full time nod inside this year, and he's a smart OL guy who is extremely tough and should be good for the Bengals.

                        Demetrius Williams - His big play ability may start to eat away from Derrick Mason's playing time ... could certainly see him doubling his output.

                        Brandon Marshall - Will continue to chip away at Rod Smith's time, and may take the number 2 job at some point. I could see him doubling his output.

                        Ray Edwards - If Erasmus James isn't ready, Edwards could see more time. Showed some flashes, and if he could double his sack numbers, that'd be a big jump. Certainly always had talent ... just some off-field issues.

                        Kedric Golston - Depends on what happens this draft, but if they don't draft a DT, Golston will get a lot of work and could establish himself as a decent-solid starter inside.

                        Cortland Finnegan - Strong rookie season, and depending on what happens, wouldn't surprise me if he ends up as a starting corner for them.

                        Mark Setterstrom - Could end up playing a key role up front for them.
                        Certainly other names possible.


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                          I'll say both of the 9ers guys Lawson and Davis. DeAngelo Williams of the Panthers.
                          For the Ravens, I think Ngata is going to explode next season, his ability to collapse the pocket and rush the passer really came on towards the end of last season.


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                            Mark Setterstrom - Could end up playing a key role up front for them.
                            Certainly other names possible.

                            I have to agree because 1. I'm a Rams Fan, and 2. When he came in and started at the end of the year was when Jackson had that great run torwards the end of the season. He'll be starting next year.
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                              I really hope Greenway has a breakout year. He could, if Childress lets him start. I think Davis will have a great year. Heck, I thought he was going to have a fantastic season last year, and I drafted him in the fourth round of my FF draft.



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                                Tamba Hali will be a force to be reckoned with



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