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    cromartie should have a huge year, one more year to recover from his injuries


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      You know, I couldn't come up with good Bengals examples despite my sig giving me a massive hint.

      Ahmad Brooks should bust out, he will be a starter and have all preseason to get used to the speed of the game and offense (unlike last year). He'll be at SLB if Odell comes back or MLB if he doesn't. I really expect him to be a force (not that I'm biased or anything).


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        Here we go...

        Matt Leinart - He looked good, if they can improve that O-Line at all he is set for a big season.
        Leonard Pope - The other big reason Leinart will improve, Pope should give them a lot from the TE position.
        Jay Cutler - Has weapons, has skill and has an offseason behind him. Should be a good one.
        DeAngelo Williams - Is the man, should blow up and be exciting as all hell.
        Santonio Holmes - Should improve the most of everyone. Has the ability to be a legit #1 reciever.
        D'Brickashaw Ferguson - Will continue to mature and whilst he wont just blow up(given how good he already is) he will be a top 5 LT by seasons end.
        Nick Mangold - Same as Brick only at C.
        Marcus McNeil - Not quite as good as Brick but will be a monster and the go to guy on a very good line.
        Chad Jackson - Tough one to call, if he can participate in the whole camp and preseason I think he can be their starter, depends a lot on what Gaffney does in camp also though because he may very well blow up next year.
        Joseph Addai - Will be even better. Again, not a blow up, but a noticeable improvement here.
        Brodie Croyle - This one depends on Green, if he goes, Croyle gets an excellent chance.

        Michael Huff - Will improve a lot. Which is scary considering he was pretty good already.
        Mario Williams - Needs to get it next year or he becomes a franchise ruining pick.
        Haloti Ngata - The man is a monster.
        Chad Greenway - If he can get and stay healthy. Was unlucky last year.
        Kamerion Wimbley - Will improve out of sight.
        Devin Hester - Will show something other than bigtime ST ability.
        AJ Hawk - Scary good already, will be amongst the elite by seasons end.
        Tye Hill - Will improve further.
        Manny Lawson - Will gain the consistency he lacked last year and start to make the big plays more often.
        Jonathon Joseph - Will get caught in possession of something or a DUI... Thats improvement for a Bengal right?
        Roman Harper - Will win back his starting job and make an impact.
        Frostee Rucker - Can be an impact guy. I dont even have to make the whole "if he can stay out of trouble" argument right?

        Props to BK on the sig!


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          Santonio Holmes Homerrific

          Man I hate this guy

          "O-H-I-O...its a four letter word."
          Mike Tirico

          Magilla Gorilla ain'ta killa, ...

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            I don't think D'Brickashaw will ever be a top five left tackle. He just doesn't have the build to keep weight on, and that leads to him getting pushed around a lot. I think he'll be a servicable starter for a long time, but I don't ever see him becoming "elite."


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              Here is homer pick for you

              Devin Hester - because the Bears will use him on offense next year.


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                I think D'Brick will always be a good LT because the primary job of a LT is to protect the QB's blind side, but he will never be a great LT because he'll never be an elite road grader type in the run game and will continue to have trouble with the bull rush unless he puts on some weight, he'll be good for awhile though. I look for Joseph to become one of the better players on the Cincy D and move to be the #1 corner, and Ahmad Brooks will have a good season IMO. A guy who could make an impact this year but won't ever have the stats is Jason Pociask of the New York Jets, he was injured last year but could really help the Jets' run game out as a blocker if he gets PT.


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                  Ernie Sims


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                    Homer Picks

                    Mike Huff: Played real well but his impact didn't show up much on the stat sheet (except for shutting down opposing TE's). He will ball hawk more as he becomes more comfortable.

                    Thomas Howard: Will become more of a threat in the pass coverage and blitz game as he learns under Rob Ryan.

                    The Rest

                    Bunkley: Really liked this guy coming out and I think he's going to be a star

                    Vernon: As much as I hate to say this, as soon as he learns his assignments (heard he struggled with that last year) and develops a connection with Alex he is going to be a Pro Bowler for years.

                    Cutler/Leinert: They are both going to be studs. I'm pissed we have to see Cutler 2x a year forever.
                    Love those who love you but don't let love f*ck up your vision. How much love did your loved ones have when you were broke or doing time in prison? RIP MAC DRE


                    • Mathias Kiwanuka - Didn't exactly "underperform", but he was not a starter until our DEs got injured. He may move to SLB due to his natural athleticism and make a big impact

                      Sinorice Moss - Injured much of last year. Look for him to come in and become the gamebreaker we expected. Whether it be as our slot guy or return man.


                      • O..almost forgot:

                        DeAngelo Williams..He's going to be sooooo good!!! Mark it Down!!!


                        • Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
                          I think the Chargers are moving Jammer to one of the safety spots.

                          My list is Ashton Youboty, Mario Williams, and Marcedes.
                          I don't know if you heard that from somewhere or are just speculating about Jammer, but either way you are wrong. He has become a very very good CB in the league, he is our #1 CB and he will be for the next 4-5 years unless Cromartie goes ballistic, which he might.


                          • As of right now Marcus Mcneill is better than Brick. He started all year for us and didn't just play well but at many times really dominated. Marcus Mcneill was like the 3rd place vote getter for rookie of the year. He is GOOD.


                            • i hope chris gocong and darnell bing whoop some ass.


                              • I'm hoping if the Bucs don't nab Calvin Johnson, Maurice Stovall really develops as a red zone target and catches over 40 balls.



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