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Randy Moss - Most influential football player ever?

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    Lynn Swann was more influential

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      Jason Whitlock is a sensationalist. do not listen

      by BoneKrusher
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        shouldnt Jason Whitlock be doing his Stephen A. Smith impression?

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          Jason Whitlock is an idiot. And I have to read his garbage more than most. Don't pay attention to anything he says.

          Originally posted by fenikz
          His soft D really turns me off
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            ummm... Don Hutson anybody? Basically invented "wide receiver"

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              Originally posted by yo123 View Post
              I still don't think he has surpassed Mr. Rice. He's going to need another 2-3 elite level seasons before we can discuss Moss vs. Rice imo.
              Yah, I would say like 5 though. Do I hear 6 who can give me a six, six going once...


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                I kind of found it humorous that he says Randy Moss should've won the MVP award in 1998.

                Terrell Davis in 1998:
                2,008 yards rushing, 5.1 ypc, 21 rushing TD's
                25 catches, 200+ receiving yards and 2 receiving TD's

                Randy Moss in 1998:
                69 catches, 1300 yards, 17 TD's

                Not discrediting Moss' outstanding year, but saying Moss should've won the MVP outright in '98 is just ridiculous.


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                  He makes some really good points in that article, but I think it's a tad overkill to call him the most influential player ever. I dont even know if hes the most influential WR ever... Don Hutson has a great argument for that title.


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                    Originally posted by yo123 View Post
                    I still don't think he has surpassed Mr. Rice. He's going to need another 2-3 elite level seasons before we can discuss Moss vs. Rice imo.
                    Well you could discuss that comparison now. Honestly Jerry Rice isn't the most physically gifted receiver I've ever seen. He was fast, but he didn't have Moss speed. And he was physical, but Owens had more in that area. But regardless, I think Rice is still a better receiver because he was the ultimate warrior in terms of dedicating his craft. I think he only missed one or two practices his entire career (as in not show up). He was definitely the hardest working receiver I've ever seen, and a true testament to the phrase "practice makes perfect".

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                      Originally posted by DeathbyStat View Post
                      Lynn Swann was more influential
                      Please, please, please, please, please tell me that was a joke.


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                        Jason Whitlock is a joke, I don't know why he is even a sports writer. He never gets anything right. His social commentary is often good, I wish he'd just do that and give up this nonsense sports column.


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                          Marshall Faulk>>>>Randy Moss as far as influence goes with modern day players.
                          Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                          The APS is strong in this one.
                          Originally posted by killxswitch
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                            definitely not the most influential ever.

                            but he is without question, the most influential WR when it comes to dictating coverage the league has seen in the modern era.

                            More than Jerry Rice.

                            No WR Ive ever seen has impacted and changed a defense's strategy and coverage schemes the way Randy Moss does. No WR opens up the field for his teammates the way Moss does.

                            Randy Moss is a DC's worst nightmare. He's in my eyes, the 2nd best WR ever. And I know I catch flack for saying that, but when you look at how he dictates coverage, its just sick how he can dictate that kind of respect, and still dominate the game.

                            And he's never had a qb until Tom Brady. He gets a qb, and breaks the TD record. Granted, its still not as amazing as when Rice had it, but still.


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                              ummm Culpepper was damn good in the late 90s


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                                Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
                                He's in my eyes, the 2nd best WR ever.
                                Don Hutson is the second best WR of all-time.



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