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    Vick is 29 this year, has been out of football for 2 years and wasn't exactly stellar before he went away.

    With his play style and the fact that he's been behind bars or working construction mean that he's likely going to need about 6 months to get into proper NFL shape and a full season just to adjust to the speed of the game and get used to the hurt it puts on your body, but that time you've got a 30 yr old running Qb who's experience is in a WCO which he wasn't suited for in the first place.

    Before he's competitive as a passer he'll be 31.

    I realise that's not overly old for a Quarterback, but it is for a runner. Favre might only be good for 2 years, but at least they'll be semi productive two years, yeah he's not great, but he's a better passer than Vick and more NFL ready.


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      Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
      If you had a playoff contender and your only missing piece was a QB, which player would you rather have to help your team make a run at the Super Bowl.
      Before opening this, I honestly thought the question would be "Which person that the media pays far too much attention to annoys you more?" That said, it'd be Favre no question, though with either as my QB, I know that my defense had better be pretty close to all-time great if I want any shot at a championship.

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        I say easily Brett Favre. Yeah there is a lot of crap around him all offseason long, but at the same can't question his personality or his off the field details. Favre is a future hall of famer, and Vick has just abused dogs in his career and ran a bunch. To me, personally...I wouldn't even consider Vick vs. Favre.

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