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Terrell Owens: my new most hated athlete in pro sports.

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    I voted Terrell Owens then and I would definitely vote that way now.


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      Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
      Other than the Simmons article, no, but I'll take his word for it since he was there doing a daily diary for the entire Eagles/Pats Superbowl week.

      If there was any sportswriter I'd trust with little nuggets like this (especially concerning the party scene during Superbowl week), it's Billy.

      Maybe "hungover" is taking it too far, and "not entirely focused on the biggest game of his life" is a more accurate description.

      Thanks for the clarification, im not saying i dont buy it (and i too would trust him to know little things like that) i just couldnt believe hed be hungover for that game. But i do totally believe it possible that he was so happy to have gotten to the big game that he sorta relaxed to have that monkey off his back and spent too much time enjoying the teams success prematurely.
      Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
      Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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        Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post

        Marvin Lewis, Palmer, Ocho, and TO will most likely be gone after this year.

        Maybe the Bengals will hire someone who doesn't think the best way to build a team is through a bunch of egos that they can't control.
        Palmer wont be gone. 0% chance of that. The rest might. We can only hope Marvin Lewis and OC Bob Bratkowski are gone along with Chad & T.O.

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          Originally posted by sweetness34 View Post
          I'll take him in Chicago if he doesn't want to catch passes from Palmer next year. Dude may be a prick at times but who the **** cares? He does his job and he does it at a very high level.
          I thought this about Moss!


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            Originally posted by Vikes99ej View Post
            I thought this about Moss!
            Moss took games off (see Oakland). I could be wrong here, but I've never seen TO tank games.

            Dude has a ridiculous work ethic on the field, but a piss poor attitude at times when he doesn't get his way. That said, his piss poor attitude IMO has more to do with winning/producing than being a cancer/lazy.

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            Originally posted by JBCX
            Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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              Originally posted by ThePudge View Post
              I know it's tough to watch the Bengals when they're not on national television, but some people should really look into that. T.O. has cost us games, Palmer's average these days. By no means could anyone make a legitimate argument for Palmer being any less than an average starting Quarterback. One of the reasons you can't make that argument is he's had no running game & his excellent supporting cast leads the league in dropped balls (as well as an alarming amount of misrun routes by mostly Chad & the rookies.)

              ESPN tore up T.O. before the game for his mistakes and his lack of effort, guess no one caught that. He wound up having a good one last night, combine that with good statistics and the casual football fan thinks Owens is the only reason the Bengals are even competitive (within 7-10 points every game.) It's laughable at this point. People that have watched one game think they know more than the people that have seen every single one.

              Oh well, people are going to be confused why the Bengals make no play at re-signing T.O. or Chad after the season (while keeping Carson as the starting QB and not targeting one in the first round.) The casual fan will ***** & moan while Bengals fans will let you know that that's what was going to happen all along. Carson needs receivers that care about putting the effort in for the teams sake, not for the glorification of their own name.
              I've seen a good share of Bengals games this season and I get the inconsistency with effort from TO. However the guy has been consistently open all season long. Early games I was frustrated that Palmer and him just seemed to be on the wrong page.(fantasy purposes:D) WRs always claim to be open but from what I saw early on, I agree. It's also why Palmer was getting so much flack before he started putting up stats.

              That decisive late game play in the ATL game was definitely on Palmer and not TO. Yes a younger WR may have sold out and risked snapping an achilles to come back and try and catch a horribly underthrown and ill-timed throw but not a 36yr old WR. Maby an excuse but there's a reason this guy is still going fairly strong.

              Wanting both Chad and TO gone while being firmly in Palmer's camp looks much more like personal bias then evaluation of game play. Imo Chad has been in decline for a while now but remains a solid starter and TO has always been a premiere WR who is very gradually showing his age. It comes up in drops and fatigue based lapses in effort. If you feel they're part of the problem I'm curious what you would single out as the primary problem with the Bengals this season?

              EDIT I just checked your post from QB pool-pretty much sums it up.
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              Originally posted by borg9
              Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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                ****. I stand corrected

                Originally posted by borg9
                Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?



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