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    For the Bills, I really don't like Langston Walker at LT. He'll get eaten up by Joey Porter and Adailius Thomas. They also have 5 new startes (including 1 position change) and even if you have quality players it still takes time for the O-Line unit to develop.


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      Originally posted by Nalej View Post
      I know what you're about to say- they lost Peters.
      They did draft several interior o-lineman though that should make an immediate impact
      and the Bills are very content with the guy replacing Peters.

      Regardless- Edwards is my choice for the Bills
      Langston Walker is replacing him... Walker was an above average RT but he has struggled in the past as a LT. His best position was LT and he lacks the athleticism and feet to play LT effectively.

      And your rookies? Have fun with them lol. Watching the Senior Bowl I thought Eric Wood looked mediocre, I saw defensive tackles slip by him in practices, he was pushed back and during scrimmages he was consistently the weak point on the offensive line from what I saw. He is going to have a hell of a time with the nose tackles in the AFC East because he can dominate college tackles in the run game but I'd like to see him move Kris Jenkins or Vince Wilfork. Andy Levitre is good in pass protection but he lacks the strength overall to be much of a force in the run game. Seth McKiney, Kirk Chambers and Geoff Hangartner are all mediocre. Brad Butler has talent but he is changing positions and he didn't do all that well at OG and gives no reason to believe he will succeed at RT. That doesn't even cover the depth at the tackle spots which is questionable at best, the interior line has decent depth with the draft picks, but not fantastic.

      It is my opinion that Levitre and Butler will be the best lineman on the Bills, Wood will bust and Langston Walker will be moving either back to RT or OG after this season.
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        That's all fantastic. I'ma Pats fan and honestly- I hope you're right about it all.
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          Originally posted by JT Jag View Post
          Jaguars: Mike Walker. It's now or never, and if he can avoid further injury and get over the numerous persona tragedies that plagued him last year he has the ability to break onto the scene in a big way.
          Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Gonzales. He's produced pretty well his first two years, but I think a big 1,000 yard, 8 TD year is inevitable come this year.

          Tennessee Titans: Jason Jones. Someone has to fill the void Haynesworth has left on that line. Jones won't get the fans to forget about Haynesworth, but he'll do his best.

          Houston Texans: Xavier Adibi. I think he really goes far to fill a niche in that defense.
          I'm really excited to see if he can "breakout" or not. He and Brandon Marshall are best friends. It's time for him to join the party.


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            Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post
            didn't Peters give up the most sacks by a LT last year (11.5 IIRC)?
            Yup. He also missed TC and hated playing in Buffalo. I'm willing to bet with a brand-new contract and a competent QB, he'll be much better.

            Dallas- Felix Jones. I'm officially scared whenever he touches the ball.

            New York- Mario Manningham. Don't act so surprised that I, of all people, picked Mario. ;) He's going to be a beast.

            Washington- Fred Davis. Beast of a TE. Loved him at USC.


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              Originally posted by Sniper View Post
              Yup. He also missed TC and hated playing in Buffalo. I'm willing to bet with a brand-new contract and a competent QB, he'll be much better.
              All homerism aside, right?


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                Cowboys - Martellus Bennett. Love him in both blocking and receiving. This guy is a stud and I would love to have him on the Eagles.

                Redskins - DeAnegello Hall isnt being talked about as a top CB anymore. I'm not saying he ever warranted that, but he's currently flying under the radar.

                New York - Kenny Phillips.


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                  Originally posted by abaddon41_80 View Post
                  All homerism aside, right?
                  Always, always.


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                    Originally posted by vidae-KC View Post
                    San Diego Chargers: Larry English - It's a rookie, but with him on that defense it's going to be even scarier for the AFC West than last year. I'm TOTALLY looking forward to them twice a year.
                    I don't think that English will have much of an impact this season. With Phillips and Merriman playing in front of him the only playing time I see him getting would be in obvious passing situations or giving one of the other two starters a breather for a play or two.


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                      Indianapolis Colts: Tony Ugoh/Anthony Gonzales (tie). I think Ugoh takes the steps into becoming one of the better left tackles in the league this year, and Gonzales is just due for a breakout season now that he'll be sliding into the flanker spot full time.

                      Houston Texans: Amobi Okoye. Time for this youngster (remember he was only 19 when drafted) to start putting all of his physical tools together and start taking some pressure of Mario Williams.

                      Tennessee Titans: Michael Griffin. I guess you could say he's already "broken out" but he's never really mentioned with the top safeties in the league. Dude is an absolute stud and is always around the football.

                      Jacksonville Jaguars: Reggie F'n Nelson. A switch back to a much simpler Cover Two base scheme should work wonders for Nelson, (who wasn't exactly considered a genius coming out) as he simply looked lost most of the time in Gregg Williams' scheme. He'll hopefully get to roam around and use his great athletic ability to become the playmaker that he's capable of being.


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                        Green Bay :: Jordy Nelson
                        Detroit :: Kevin Smith (i feel like this is too easy of a choice)
                        Chicago :: greg olsen
                        Minnesota :: Tyrell Johnson

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                          Pats: Brandon Merriweather - Jets fans still swear this guy sucks because they read it in a newspaper a couple of years ago. He was pretty good last year, and should get better. Shawn Crable would be my other pick, because that dude was awesome at Michigan.

                          Jets: Vernon Gholston - Yep. If not it's Cotchery/Keller...Cotchery is such an underrated athlete.

                          Miami: I'd say Cameron Wake just for the shiggles, but no. I hope it's no one. To not be an a-hole I'll just say Langford/Merling. Those guys are some nice DEs for that D...I wish we took one of them.

                          Bills: Lee Evans, who still remains the leagues most underrated WR.


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                            Bills- Eric Wood or Andy Levitre or both- They are both probably going to start, at least one will have to be good right away......please God may one of them be good right away.

                            ***Lee Evans is an honorable mention. I think he may outperform TO this year as he finally has a legit compliment WR. As a side note, not many teams can compare to a trio of To, Lee, and Reed (who is excellent in the slot). Now if we could only fix that OL......

                            Pats- I agree with Merriweather, guy is good, real good.

                            Dolphins- Ted Ginn Jr.....I think he is just going to be a really good, explosive player this year. He will always be up and down (kinda like a Steve Smith), but I expect more ups this year.

                            Jets- I dont know. I hate rookie QBs so I am hesitant to pick anyone on offense altho I am a big fan of Cotchery. I am going to guess Gholston just because of Rex Ryan and Vernon's athletic beastness. I dont really love the Jets this year tho.....I am not sold. Rex is a good hire long term tho.
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                              Originally posted by Brent View Post
                              Cards - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - I dont know who else they have at corner that can start besides McFadden.
                              why would we need 3 starting corners?


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                                Tennessee - Jason Jones, DT - Notched 5 Sacks and 3 Forced Fumbles as a 3rd string rookie last season.

                                Indianapolis - Clint Sessions/Philip Wheeler, OLB - Kinda torn with Indy. Sessions is their most talented OLB (Or so I believe I've heard Colts fans say that), so perhaps his play will get better with an improved DL in front of him. Curious about the opposite OLB spot if Philip Wheeler gets the start.

                                Houston - ANTONIOSMITHZzZOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!1!1!ONE1!1!!!

                                Jacksonville - Daryl Smith, MLB - After Mike Peterson leaving in FA, Smith will be Jax's fulltime MIKE this season. At least, I think he plays MIKE... I get him, Justin Durant, and Clint Ingram mixed up... -_-"
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