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Michael Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

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  • Michael Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

    Here are updates from what teams in the league are saying or doing regarding Michael Vick.

    NFC North

    Minnesota Vikings
    - Owner Zygi Wilf denies rumors that the Vikings are interested in signing him. LINK

    -Team doesn't have interest in Vick. LINK

    Green Bay Packers

    Chicago Bears
    - Team does not have interest in signing Vick. LINK

    Detroit Lions
    - Coach Jim Schwartz says the Lions have no interest whatsoever in signing Vick. LINK


    NFC East
    New York Giants
    - Team stated they're not interested in Michael Vick. LINK

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Dallas Cowboys
    - Jerry Jones: "We're not interested in Vick." LINK

    Washington Redskins
    - Coach Jim Zorn said that the Redskins "won't sign Vick at this juncture." LINK

    UPDATE on July 30 at 10:37:

    -According to a news site some coaches from the Redskins organization, disregarding Head Coach Jim Zorn's statement that the Redskins don't want Vick, say that they do want to sign Vick and believe he'd be a valuable asset to the team. LINK


    NFC South
    New Orleans Saints
    - GM Mickey Loomis insists that the team has no plans to sign Vick. LINK

    Atlanta Falcons

    Carolina Panthers

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    NFC West
    Arizona Cardinals

    San Francisco 49ers
    - Coach Mike Singletary said "It's not happening." LINK

    St. Louis Rams
    - Team denies rumors about them interested in Vick. LINK

    Seattle Seahawks
    - The team is still not interested in signing Michael Vick. LINK


    AFC North
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    UPDATE on July 31 at 5:46 PM

    - Coach Mike Tomlin said that Michael Vick was not in Pittsburgh today and that they have not signed him. He neglected to speak about the team's situation with him, saying that he wasn't going to discuss potential free agents. LINK

    UPDATE on August 1 at 9:22 AM

    - Coach Mike Tomlin said this after being asked about the Michael Vick situation: "I'll say this, we'll be prudent and do our due diligence as far as exploring people that could potentially help us win, guys who can throw, run, catch, block, tackle on a professional level." LINK

    UPDATE on August 2 at 2:52

    - There's a rumor going around that Vick was spotted at Pittsburgh's Training Camp during yesterday's (Saturday) second practice, in the afternoon. He didn't practice, but was on the sidelines for a little while and then went back into a building. Though Tomlin has stated that Vick has not been at Pittsburgh's training camp, this source claims that it would be smart to say that if Vick was really there; it would keep the media at bay and provide very little distraction regarding the issue. LINK

    - Ed Bouchette, a writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, states that he believes the team does not want to and will not sign Michael Vick. He says that Dennis Dixon is already a very similar type of player, and that Pittsburgh won't want the extra media attention that would come from signing Vick. He also said that Vick is not a "Steeler-type player." LINK

    Baltimore Ravens
    - One of the few, if not the only team, that has expressed interest in Vick. They have remained somewhat distant from him, but have acknowledged to talk about him as a possible signing for their team. LINK

    Cleveland Browns

    UPDATE on August 1 at 10:15

    - Eric Mangini has said that the Browns have no interest whatsoever in signing Michael Vick, stating that he's content with both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson as their options at QB. LINK

    Cincinnati Bengals
    - Owner Mike Brown said that Vick would not be a good fit with the team, and wouldn't make an offer to him. LINK


    AFC East
    New England Patriots
    - Coach Bill Belichick says hints that they're not opposed to signing him, but have not really considered the situation. LINK

    UPDATE on July 31 at 11:48

    - Bill Belichick says that they team has not ruled out signing Michael Vick, and says they'd consider him. LINK

    UPDATE on July 31 at 5:34

    - Patriots confirm that Michael Vick DID NOT train at their facility today. LINK

    UPDATE on August 1 at 3:10

    - Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a Sirius Radio Interview that he's not interested in Michael Vick. He said that Bill Belichick felt comfortable with Kevin O'Connell as Brady's backup, and that Vick doesn't fit his marketing plans. LINK

    Buffalo Bills

    New York Jets
    - Team stated they're not interested in Michael Vick. LINK

    Miami Dolphins

    - GM Jeff Ireland stated that the Dolphins have no interest in Vick, and are happy with the guys they already have. LINK


    AFC South
    Indianapolis Colts

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    - Contrary to rumors, the Jaguars say that Vick's name has not even come up in team meetings. LINK

    Tennessee Titans
    - Team says that they have no interest in looking into signing Michael Vick. LINK

    Houston Texans


    AFC West
    San Diego Chargers

    Denver Broncos
    - Team is 'content' with the guys they already have, and McDaniels said that Denver is not inclined to allow Vick to revive his career in Denver. LINK

    Oakland Raiders
    - Coach Tom Cable said that, personally, he would like to sign him because he knows him, but Cable doesn't really know what Vick would bring to the team. So far, there are no plans to sign him. LINK

    Kansas City Chiefs
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    I don't have a link, but I can tell you there is no ******* way the Packers sign Vick.


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      Also, do remember that just because a team says they have no interest doesn't mean they don't. Look at everything that happens pre-draft with teams denying this, that and the other thing all the time.


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        i can pretty much assure you he doesn't end up as a falcon.
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          He just seems like someone that the Cowboys or Redskins would go after.


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            Want it to be Seattle but I think it'll be New England.
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              An interesting destination for him IMO would be the Panthers.
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                I think he would be an interesting fit on the Texans...not as a starter obviously. He would add a new dimension to an already dangerous team.

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                  I wish the Cowboys would sign him.



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                    anywhere but KC


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                      I am betting on the Pats......and watch it work brilliantly because the Pats are ultra ***.
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                        I'll still ride the Jags or Ravens wagon.

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                          I would like to see him go to the Bills. That offense would be crazy.

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                            Patriots are the front runners I think. Followed by the Panthers, Broncos, and Texans, maybe.

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                              Why are we not going after going him? Are we seriously afraid of PETA?



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