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    Originally posted by Basileus777 View Post
    Plax fired an illegally owned weapon in a city nightclub. Yeah, he only hurt himself, but much worse could have happened. He deserves any jail time he gets.
    absolutely. but my point is, had the gun been registered to the state, he'd face no jail time.

    i don't see the difference honestly. the gun was registered too, just not to the state he was in.

    Let me give you a hypothetical situation. Say you live in New Jersey. Your gun is registered in New Jersey. Now you have an emergency in NYC that you have to attend to, you have your gun in your car bc you keep it for protection.

    So you go to NYC, and for whatever reason, get pulled over by a cop, and he finds your gun. You just violated NY's gun policies. Bc you have an unregistered gun in the state.

    So you could face jail time for that.

    Its not what Plax did that bothers me, its the idiocy of the law that bothers me.


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      Originally posted by broth223 View Post
      The Florida registration he had on it was expired if memory serves. I don't believe he has a concealed weapons permit either.
      was it?

      well hes a dumbass for that. i don't think it would make a difference in this case though. NY is pretty strict about its gun policies.


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        Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
        I feel bad for Plaxico. I really do. But he did it to himself, and has no one else to blame.

        I mean let's think about this guys. He's getting 3 years in prison for what? For shooting himself with an unregistered gun.

        Had the gun been registered, he'd face no jail time. So how does that make any sense? If you wanna play the public danger card, well, wouldn't a registered gun put ppl in the same danger?

        And it was registered, just not in NY.

        The law itself is pretty dumb if you ask me.

        A guy can kill someone while drunk and get 30 days. Another man can shoot himself with a gun not registered to the state he was in at the moment, and gets 3 years. Makes no sense to me at all.
        I agree completely. If the gun was already registered in FL, he could have avoided this entire situation by getting the same handgun registered in the state of NY (which has the strictest firearm laws in the country). The entire situation could have been avoided by just doing that, and it was irresponsible for him not to register it in NY, since that's where he spends half of the year anyways.

        A lot of the media are hammering him for choosing to carry a firearm into a nightclub. Can you really blame him after what happened to Javon Walker and Burress' own teammate Steve Smith, who was robbed at gunpoint three or four days after Burress' incident?



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