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    Originally posted by trkaline View Post
    Yesterday Snoop Dogg was at our training camp so suck it.
    The same Snoop Dogg that claims to be a Steelers fan.

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      Originally posted by Smooth Criminal View Post
      The same Snoop Dogg that claims to be a Steelers fan.
      Inside info. ;) Don't give Snoop up.

      Silverback....still the best.

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        is this thread neccessary? :/


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          Originally posted by Staubach12 View Post
          My team's training camp is hung like a horse.
          Horses are hung like my team's training camp.

          What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
          they get smoked.

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            For the Eagles...

            I've gone to 14 of the 16 pracices that were open to the public, so here is my view, some homerific, some not...

            Donovan has looked good, looks much like he has in many camps throughout his career.

            Kolb has looked alright, nothing too good or bad, very accurate, holds the ball too long.

            Westbrook is out doing a lot of exceresizes, he will be ready for the season, and I'm sure if he was at his current level of health, and we were in a playoff run, he'd be playing.

            LeSean McCoy is impressing people more than DeSean Jackson did last year. Has answered questions in every aspect of his game, including blocking. Right now he may be the star of camp, though there are plenty of players putting up arguments for it. I've only seen him drop one pass all camp, and his running abilities are defintiely there. I hate doing this, but the Eagles have a star in the making with Shady McCoy.

            Leonard Weaver is a god. Does everything, as advertised. Great blocker, runner and receiver. One of the fan favorites at camp so far.

            DeSean Jackson has been himself. He has further refined his abilities beating the jam, and has been seen throwing some defenders to the ground in some 1 on 1 drills. Expect him to be better than his rookie year.

            Kevin Curtis has looked good. Had a thigh contusion, but came back and is showing what he can do. Hands are still great, has good quickness. As long as he is healthy, he should be a great option this year in the passing game.

            Reggie Brown has impressed a lot of people. Not really myself though. He has looked good, but there are plenty of WRs in this camp doing just as well IMO. He has definitely imporved his hands though.

            Jason Avant catches anything that he can smell, great route runner as always, very sharp. Expect him to make a big impact as the slot WR, much like he did last year.

            Maclin has only been in for a few days, but he is doing well. He has excellent hands, has dropped just one pass that I saw, and he had made a great adjustment on an AJ Feeley throw to even get in position to make the catch. Defintiely needs to work on route running. He doesn't plant and his routes aren't nearly as sharp or crisp as some of our other WRs in camp, especially DeSean and Avant.

            Hank Baskett had a tough start to camp, dropping A LOT of balls. He seems to be coming around a bit though.

            Brandon Gibson has been impressive. Great route runner and great hands. Has good size as well. He may be making the coaches think extra hard about whether to keep him or Reggie Brown on the team. If they put him on their Practice squad, I am sure another team will pick him up.

            One of the WRs I like that isn't getting attention is Brandon Robinson, a UDRFA from Boston College. He has a frame much like DeSean, a lot of fans confuse the two. But he has superb hands and is a great route runner, and has decent speed as well. I hope the team keeps him around, whether it be on the practice squad or in some other way like Injured reserve.

            Brent Celek is also battling for the role of the star of camp. He has caught just about everything thrown to him, and as always, is a YAC machine. Has improved his blocking, though he still could improve a bit more. Blocking certainly isn't a strength of his...

            Cornelius Ingram was incredible in the rookie and selected veterans portion of practice. He disappeared for a bit when the veterans and Celek showed up, but is once again showing that he has the potential to be an incredible player. Great hands and athletecism. Much better blocker than advertised, showed some great technique and nastiness in some drills.

            Haven't seen much of Jason Peters, though he should be back practicing very soon, I've heard.

            Todd Herremans has seen action at LT, RT, and his normal position LG. And is doing well in all of them. He was drving the van that Parker was in when he was arrested, but besides that, has had a typical camp for linemen, not hearing much from him. Watching him in drills though, I love his technique.

            Jamaal Jackson has looked good. Nothing great, but good. Stacey Andrews is ahead of schedule, and will probably play in the preseason game next week, maybe only a little bit though, if the team decides to play it safe. Gets great push in the run game and is holding up well in pass protection.

            Shawn Andrews has had back issues and hasn't been out there.

            Nick Cole has looked real good, gets lots of PT at both Guard spots, same with Max Jean Gilles. Gilles had a rough start in some drills, but has pulled everything together and looks real nice out there.

            Wisnton Justice is quietly having a very nice camp for the second stragiht year. Preseason games will really go to prove how well he is doing, but thus far, he has looked real good.

            Our entire DL has looked great for the most part. Patterson looks like he could stand to lose a few LBs, but is playing well, though not as good as Bunk, Cole, Clemons, Howard, and Parker. Vioctor Abiamiri is close to coming back, as well as Trevor Laws.

            Akeem Jordan is also having a great camp, which I haven't really talked about with my fellow Eagles fans. He seems to have solified his role as the starting WLB, and has made lots of plays.

            Joe Mays has filled in well for Stewart Bradley. Don't get me confused, Mays is not as good as Bradley, but he is a big time run stuffer who has done pretty well in coverage. He will let up some receptions, but is in position to jar the ball loose or make the tackle right away...

            Chris Gocong is looking very nice. He is continuing his run stuffing capabilities and is developing more of a pass rush, as well as improving in coverage. Gocong is abusign Tackles and skill plays in 1 on 1 drills for pass rushing. The only guy that is able to neutralize him is Leonard Weaver.

            Quentin Mikell is doing what he does, make plays... everywhere. Not much to say other than to expect continued greatness from him.

            Quentin Demps has secured his spot as the starting FS. Still a great ballhawk in the passing game, but is stepping up big time in the running game and as a blitzer. Making tons of plays...

            Sean Jones is really coming on strong lately. Showign great ability both in coverage and at the LOS. Getting lots o pass break ups and INTs. We'll see a lot of 2 Safety sets with this set of guys.

            Sheldon Brown is shutting people down in camp. Despite his issues with his contract, he is playing absolutely wonderful.

            Asante is doing well. He'll make plays, and give them up, much like in the game. Does very well in 1 on 1s, but was beat REAL bad by Maclin. All he could do was laugh about it...

            Joselio Hanson seems to have secured the nickel position. Doing very well in 1 on 1s and in "game" action.

            Ellis Hobbs hasn't been very impressive to me, thgouh he is consistently doing a great job covering his man. Doesn't make a lot of plays, but doesn't allow too many either.

            I know I covered about 2/3 of the roster, but whatever, take it for what its worth...
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              Originally posted by *** Ork Wang View Post
              is this thread neccessary? :/
              Are you the designated "necessary thread" forum policeman?

              Dallas Secondary is looking better than ever!!!


              I've noticed one important change in the secondary drills from last year. In Oxnard, the corners and safeties did a lot of sub-group work; the corners would work on backpedaling, cutting and reacting with Dave Campo. The safeties worked on positioning relative to the line of scrimmage, getting proper depth in zone coverage, reading run versus pass.

              Not so this year. The secondary drills all integrate both corners and safeties and they work extensively, all of them, on reacting, cutting and meeting the ball at the receiver. It's also clear from the drills that the newbies at safety -- Sensabaugh, Ball and to a lesser extent, Brown -- can all run with their corner cousins. You don't see a dropoff in backpedal agility, cutting or acceleration from the safeties compared to the corners. I would say that Sensabaugh is one of the fastest DBs at accelerating forward out of a cut.

              The safeties also have to take their turns in the one-on-one coverage drills against the top receivers. They're all d-backs now. The safeties don't get the luxury of squaring off against tight ends. Today, I saw Sensabaugh take several reps against Williams. Roy beat him (he beat everybody today) but Sensabaught wasn't a pushover. He was always within arms reach of the ball. Dallas would not have tried this were Roy L. Williams still the starter.

              The benefits of throwing all the d-backs into the coverage deep end could be seen in the final drill of the day, where the offense started at its own 30 and ran a two minute, no huddle drill (picking up work on the packages that were installed this morning).

              Romo had two drives, Kitna had two drives and Stephen McGee had one. All moved from the offenses end to about the defense's 20 or 25 every time. Here, defending a short field, the defense stopped the offense -- every single time. The passing windows shrank. The recovery speed was evident. Looking for a big potential positive for the '09 defense, here it is. All of them, the corners and the safeties, can cover.

              WATCH OUT!!!


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                Originally posted by MidwayMonster31 View Post
                Earl Bennett is awesome.
                How is he doing?



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                  he is supposedly doing great and improved alot after getting through the playbook. I think he is pretty much set as the #2 WR


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                    Ricky and Ronnie has been beasting it. Look bigger, stronger and faster then ever. Should be a scary tandem with an improved, more physical Oline.

                    Ted Ginn is looking like he is gonna have a breakout year. Running good routes, using that speed of his to fly past guys and catching everything his way.

                    Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline has been pure studs. Making plays everyday. Turner has even made some plays against Will Allen who is our best corner and one of the most underrated cover corners in the NFL. So to all the draft experts who called out the Dolphins on drafting those two..SUCK ON THAT!

                    JT is JT out there. Putting alot of pressure on the QB and getting sacks.

                    Channing Crowder is actually making impact plays daily and is everywhere around the ball.

                    Cam Wake who was the most dominating defensive player in the CFL for the past two years is starting to turn some heads. Applying good pressure and is improving day by day. A physical freak of nature.

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                      according to eaglesalltheway, the entire Eagles roster has looked awesome. no one looks bad.

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                        Originally posted by Brent View Post
                        Josh Morgan is unstoppable.


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                          Originally posted by Brent View Post
                          according to eaglesalltheway, the entire Eagles roster has looked awesome. no one looks bad.
                          Not entirely, but since this is the brag thread, I bragged...

                          I'm not going to come in with training camp stats, lol, and I'm not going to put out negative info in a thread that says "Brag" in the title...

                          Of course there are some negatives. Our #2 O-line has been getting killed by the #1 D-Line and LBs.

                          We may not have a #3RB worthy to be on the roster.

                          Now, with Ingram's injury, our TE depth in almost non-existent.

                          Mike Patterson Looks too fat...

                          I honestly could go on and on with things I've seen that I don't like as well, but unless someone puts up a thread about the things in TC that the teams are ******* up on, I'll keep that info to myself, lol.
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                            Matt Ryan has been looking good checking down passes to the RB and connecting with Tony Gonzalez (in the mock game today, he threw to Gonzo 3 times straight and Gonzo had 4 catches for 40 yards and a TD). Last year, Ryan completed 22% of his passes to RBs and TEs, when guys like Rivers and Brees had that percentage around 30. With more passes to safety blanket Gonzalez and check downs, expect Ryan's completion percentage to jump to around the 65%-68% area.

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                              Issac Bruce said he's having the best off-season of his life. He's taken part in every single off-season program activity, too; including, Singletary's "nutcracker" drill.

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                                Gunther Cunningham has installed 40 blitz packages one week into camp. So the Lions defense might still suck, but it's going to suck in entirely new and different ways if so.

                                Stafford is expected to start by everyone who has been watching him, but Schwartz maintains the decision won't be made until at least preseason week 2 or so. Stafford will get serious time this year though, there's no doubting that. There's preseason hype on guys - and as a Lions fan, I know all about preseason hype - but what Stafford is getting is above and beyond.



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