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Hester no longer returning kicks

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    Holy **** read the article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is for kickoffs, which he isn't nearly as good at, and which Danieal Manning is probably the better player. Manning was returning kicks for much of last year.

    This isn't even news, it's been known since November of last year.

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      Manning lead the league last year in kickoff return average when he took over the duties. While it wasn't for an entire season, Manning is the better option returning kicks and Hester is better for punts.

      Manning also lead the league in returns of 30+ yards. As has been said, he doesn't dance on kickoffs, he finds a hole and hits it.

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        Does anybody know if he will still be returning punts? :)


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          Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
          Does anybody know if he will still be returning punts? :)
          Duh! Didnt you read the title?! No more kick returning! KR = PR! Dont you know?

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            Originally posted by regoob2 View Post
            He stopped returning kicks mid last season. Cant really hide that.
            Exactally. Hardly todays news.



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