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    Bill Belichick's speech will be very deep.

    "Thank you and you're welcome Tom"
    Originally posted by njx9
    i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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      Originally posted by Cicero View Post
      Chris Carter.
      did you see his speech at the Rookie Symposium thing? it was pretty awesome.

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        Originally posted by Thumper View Post
        Really? Is he?

        Lets compare shall we?

        First off, longevity is important and Brian Dawkins has already played longer than Butler.

        Second Brian Dawkins has more career tackles with 723 compared to Butler's 721 (according to pro-football refrerence).

        Butler has more interceptions but.... lets take a look at some records held by Brian Dawkins shall we?

        -For all players who began their careers after 1990, no NFL player has recorded more "disruptive plays" (interceptions+forced fumbles) than Dawkins' 66. And if you go back further to 1980, the only players ahead of Dawkins are Ronnie Lott and Rod Woodson.
        -He is the only player in NFL History to have 30+ interceptions and 30+ forced fumbles.
        -He is one of four defensive backs to be part of the 20-20 club (20 sacks and 20 interceptions)
        -One of only four players to be named an all-pro from the safety spot four or more times (Lott 5x, Butler 4x, Darren Woodson 4x)
        - Most forced fumbles in the history of the NFL by a defensive back
        - 4th in sacks by a defensive back in NFL History

        Not only that but unlike Butler Brian Dawkins changed the S position. Like LT changed the OLB spot to a more attacking position, Brian Dawkins redefined the role of a safety in the NFL, he changed the stigma of a safety from what one can't do (to slow for CB, to small for LB) to a position where the player can do it all. Brian Dawkins is the reason guys like Landry and Sean Taylor were drafted in the top 10, he made it possible for guys like Troy Polamalu and Adrian Wilson to play to their strengths as a hybrid safety. Brian is a big reason why young kids are signing letters of intent to play safety and not running back or linebacker. Brian Dawkins transformed the safety position to a premier defensive position and LeRoy Butler cannot claim that he had the same impact on the game.

        Brian Dawkins is a hall of famer and LeRoy Butler is not, it is that simple.

        Brian Dawkins' numbers will also continue to grow, so Brian Dawkins' career will be even more prolific than it already is.
        While Butler had a shorter career, his numbers are better compared to Dawkins' longer career. If Butler hadn't been injuried, his numbers would have continued to grow.

        Butler has been to the All-Pro 4 times, a Pro-Bowl 4 times(in a time where the Pro-Bowl wasn't a fan fest.), 90s All-Decade Team, and has a Superbowl ring. Not only that, but Butler is the FIRST DB to enter the 20/20 club.

        This may not be helpful, but he created the Lambeau Leap, a leap that has continued by players on the Packers. And btw, I don't agree with Dawkins changing the S position, Ronnie Lott has a lot to say about that.


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          Dawkins has also been an all-pro 4 times so they're even. Brian Dawkins has been injured before. Brian Dawkins will be on the 2000's all decade team (or at least he should IMO, he was Troy P. before Troy P. was even in the league).


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            Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
            Vince Young
            lol that one had me rolling.

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