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    The Patriots will win and it wont be close. It should be a good battle for 2nd place though.
    My predictions:
    Patriots- 14-2
    Jets- 9-7
    Bills- 8-8
    Dolphins- 6-10

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      Originally posted by Malaka View Post
      I think the Jets will be picking top 10, for a number of reasons not just Sanchez. I like Sanchez but Ryan/Flacco seasons rarely happen, I think he'll be a pro bowler in the league but will struggle his first year.
      Out of curiousity, what are those reasons? The QB spot could definitely be a concern, WR and OL depth are up there was well, and maybe some struggles with the defense and adjusting to the new system. But the defense is certainly very talented as is the team overall, not too much worse than last year's 9-7 team only the schedule should be tougher.



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