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Top 5 Best Looking and Ugliest QB's?

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    Top 10 cutest QBs from the wall street mothacluckin journal. I knew Rivers was pretty!

    You are *** if you click that link btw


    • Wow, how the mighty have fallen. The Wall St Journal REALLY ran that piece of crap?


      • Originally posted by CC.SD View Post

        Top 10 cutest QBs from the wall street mothacluckin journal. I knew Rivers was pretty!

        You are *** if you click that link btw
        Lol they rank them by how symmetrical their faces are.


        • I heard about that today and laughed. Matt Ryan isnt ugly but I wouldnt say he's a good looking guy either. haha.

          The list is really scary with Hasselbeck, Collins, and Hill on there anyway. Fail.

          Thanks BoneKrusher^

 (the man)

          KO KNOWS


          • Kerry Collins? Lmao, I think Ryan is ugly too hahahaha.

            1. Mark Sanchez
            2. Tom Brady
            3. David Carr
            4. Colt Brennan
            5. Trent Edwards

            1. Jeff Garcia
            2. Jay Cutler
            3. Kyle Orton
            4. Joe Flacco
            5. Vince Young

            n0 h0m0

            Bone Krusher, the best


            • gayest thread i've ever seen hahahahha


              • Originally posted by vikes_29 View Post
                Lol. Some of the people on this thread make me chuckle. If you're a guy and you are too uncomfortable saying a guy is "good looking" or "ugly, then you are either ***, or 12 years old.
                Hey man, however you roll, is how you roll. But there's a reason why you don't see feature pieces on ESPN about the prettiest QBs in the league.

                I can honestly say that I've never seen a discussion about which QBs are the best/worst looking in the NFL until this one.

                Among girls, yes. Guys? No.

                What's next, whose game pants fit the tightest?

                Who gives the best butt-pat after a play?

                Which QB has the best abs?

                Who looks hotter in the shower??

                Whose jock strap has the roundest bulge???

                It's one thing to say a guy is handsome, it's completely different side of the street when you're ranking the hottest QBs in the league.

                Also, I know a few "guys" too who wouldn't know a long-snap from a post route, but think Brady and Quinn are man-a-licious.

                This is to inform you that your man card has been revoked, sir.

                Carry on, metrosexuals.


                • LMAO!!Garcia never gets respect.
                  2. Jeff Garcia
                  But gotta go with Clark Kent..

                  and could be Steeler hating...I am Steeler hating, but he's the flipside #1

                  Originally posted by borg9
                  Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


                  • Jeff Rowe
                    I win.


                    • gayest thread of the year award
                      Originally posted by Benn-O,Aug 24 2009, 04:21 PM
                      didn't you get kicked out of that club on 6th street cuz of your pants? oh right, you did.

                      bouncer was feeling your jnco's i guess.
                      Originally posted by HERO,Aug 26 2009, 04:16 PM
                      i prefer my women like i do my scotch....12 yrs old w/a splash of coke.


                      • Originally posted by Jimmy View Post

                        I win.
                        WTF are you talking about? "He Ate Me" is the sex.

                        Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
                        I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin



                        Debug Information