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Cable Choked Hanson, Threatened to Kill Him

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    it still belongs in one thread. just rename the title or whatever.

    To the matter, id like to hear all the witnesses first before judging. Obviously Hanson is gonna say he punched him and Cable is gonna say he didnt. We need more witnesses and see what this all was about


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      Originally posted by LizardState View Post
      Big Thank You to APS here. I gave this its own thread b/c the situation was escalated by several degrees of magnitude when the Thursday story broke, it wasn't just a sucker punch, hell-oooo, it resulted in a freaking fractured jaw. And reported to the police as reqd. by CA law which = an assault charge if the complaint is preferred.
      it was my thread i started and its cool but it was never just a "sucker punch" it mentioned the things you mentioned...

      Hanson arrived to receive treatment for what was described as an injured jaw. X-rays were taken. The results are not known, although one NFL source told FanHouse Hanson sustained a fractured jaw as a result of the punch.
      Hanson told police the alleged assault took place at the Raiders' training camp site the day before, but he refused to name the attacker, which is hindering a police investigation into whether misdemeanor or even felony assault charges may be filed. A jaw fracture could warrant felony charges, but the fact the victim is unwilling to pursue the matter criminally is not surprising, given the cloistered nature of the tight-knit NFL coaching fraternity.



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