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Kicker, "Esteban" Ocho Cinco

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  • Kicker, "Esteban" Ocho Cinco

    So what did you guys think of that yesterday? Was Marvin Lewis practicing something for real or did he just let Chad have some fun? I thought it was hilarious myself.

    If he starts kicking extra points, that'll boost his fantasy value!!! LOLZ.

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    He actually looked pretty good kicking the ball last night. He has always said that soccer is his best sport so maybe when he is too old to play WR, he could have a career as a place kicker.

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      Didn't he say he could beat Michael Phelps in swimming? Or did he know people who could?


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        I just saw it.that was truly awesome


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          From what I know the Bengals have seen him kick for a while now and he's always been their emergency kicker. Still it was funny as hell to watch and actually see him kick it nice. Hell his kickoffs went further than any crap I've seen from the Skins in a while. It would be funny though if he pulled his hammy kicking a preseason PAT. Ocho is the greatest, don't get Ocho haters.

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            The PAT didn't really do much for me but the kickoff I have to say was solid I have seen alot worse in KC by true kickers.


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              Ocho Cinco is the man. I've always liked him but just seeing him on Hard Knocks has made me enjoy him even more. He's hilarious.


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                Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                Ocho Cinco is the man. I've always liked him but just seeing him on Hard Knocks has made me enjoy him even more. He's hilarious.
                Seriously. I've always been a fan, and I think he's hilarious especially on Hard Knocks.


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                  This thread just needs someone to say "child please." lol
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                    I thought it was both hilarious and impressive. Still, I'd like the Bengals to be able to kick field goals this season, so I would like Shayne to get back into the lineup. Ocho's having himself an offseason.

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                      If it keeps ocho happy. It keeps me happy.

                      I like him. And I like this... he didn't look half bad as a kicker either.
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                        Ocho is the man.

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                        Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                        BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                          child please, how can someone hate on Ocho?

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                            the Bengals already placed their franschise tag on another Kicker


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                              I lol'd when he nailed the extra point.

                              We also got the ball down to about the 8 yard line, I was begging the TV to put him in there to kick the FG. I'd say he had a pretty solid shot at hitting it haha.

                              He's looking VERY good at his other position, WR. Chad should have a huge year.



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